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I’m Tricia Murray and I support families to have improved fertility, birth and parenting experiences.  

If you are pregnant:

  1. Birth and Baby Academy – online courses and community with access to resources, programmes and classes
  2. Doula birth support
  3. Birth preparation support


If you’ve had a difficult birth or perinatal experience:

  1. Birth and perinatal trauma support
  2. EFT Therapy


If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fears, phobias, depression, feeling out of control, needing support as a new parent:

  1. ***NEW**** online community and support for overloaded mums – ‘Overcome the Overload’ – coming VERY SOON – get on the waitlist here…. 
  2. EFT Therapy
  3. Parenting Coaching


If you are trying to get pregnant and struggling with fertility:

  1. Emotional support around fertility including reducing stress and anxiety and working through grief


If you are a doula, birth worker, midwife or other related birth professional:

  1. Mentoring, debriefing or general support is available
  2. I am a trainer for Traumatic Birth Recovery across Scotland and North East England.

Get in touch for more details.

Here’s how now you can get to know more about me –

  • Contact me by phone or email
  • Follow me on FacebookInstagram or Twitter
  • I also run regular information sessions with my colleagues at Edinburgh Birth and Baby, a local Edinburgh collective that I established – these women rock – they are by far the best providers in Edinburgh and I know that referring you to them, you are in safe hands of professionals that care deeply about the clients they work with.

Much love, Tricia xx