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I’m Tricia Murray and I support women and men to have improved fertility, birth and parenting experiences.  

Here’s how I can support you:

  1. Through the Birth and Baby Academy – online courses and community with access to resources, programmes and classes.
  2. Emotional support around fertility including reducing stress and anxiety and supporting you to achieve a positive mindset
  3. In your pregnancy really focusing on getting you prepared and confident for birth and parenthood
  4. Through your birth and with your baby – one to one doula birth and postnatal support
  5. Mums and Mums to Be and Dads and Dads to be with birth preparation programmes, parenting programmes, birth and perinatal trauma recovery, EFT therapy and one to one support
  6. Additional support I offer for those not having babies – it could be support to get over life’s events, EFT therapy for a variety of personal issue including fears and phobias, stress, overwhelm, mild depression, anxiety

In addition, I offer support for doulas and other birthworkers who are starting out and would like to be supported such as mentoring, debriefing or general support.  I also am a trainer for Traumatic Birth Recovery across Scotland and North East England.  Get in touch for more details.

My main interests and expertise is support around the perinatal period including fertility, pregnancy, birth and the first few years as parents:

  • To build a positive and adaptable mindset
  • To achieve a calm, relaxed and positive birth whatever the situation
  • To remove/reduce fear and anxiety around birth or parenting
  • To navigate through the maternity system smoothly
  • To ensure birth choices/birth rights are well represented
  • Through perinatal mental health illness (ie antenatal/postnatal depression, anxiety, OCD, birth and perinatal trauma)
  • To support the birth you want for twins/multiples including postnatal and feeding support
  • To work through birth and perinatal trauma (for both mums and dads) and have positive subsequent birth experiences
  • To enjoy being a new parent
  • Exploring options around caesarean birth including subsequent Births After Caesarean Birth (including vaginal, home, repeat caesarean)
  • Through their IVF/Infertility/fertility journey and subsequent birth and parenting experience
  • To understand what it’s like to become a parent through an education programme which helps promote a realistic understanding a newborn baby and how they function, and how you as a parent, can support that baby whilst also ensuring your needs are met

I believe strongly you can reflect positively on your experiences when they have made your own decisions from a place of inner peace, acceptance and knowledge.

Working with me means you are much more likely to:

  • Have an improved experience – whether that’s fertility, birth or early parenting
  • Enjoy your baby – the huge transition of becoming a parent will be smoother
  • Feel that you are coping
  • Understand your new baby and have tools and techniques to use in those first few weeks
  • Have stronger attachment with your baby (that’s the bond that makes your baby feel safe)
  • Be at less risk of postnatal depression, anxiety and other perinatal mental health illnesses
  • Be more likely to exclusively breastfeed you baby at six weeks and beyond

Here’s how now you can get to know more about me –

  • Contact me by phone or email
  • Follow me on FacebookInstagram or Twitter
  • I also run regular information sessions with my colleagues at Edinburgh Birth and Baby, a local Edinburgh collective that I established – these women rock – they are by far the best providers in Edinburgh and I know that referring you to them, you are in safe hands of professionals that care deeply about the clients they work with.

Much love, Tricia xx