Tricia Murray - Therapist | Coach | Doula


Hello and Welcome

I work mainly with women who are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed out around fertility, birth, and motherhood to feel calm, confident and regain control. I also support mums and dads who have experienced birth or perinatal trauma and am a trainer for Traumatic Birth Recovery in Scotland.
I offer support in various ways.
  • Community support for overwhelmed mums
  • One to one EFT therapy
  • Birth and perinatal trauma support
  • Preparation for birth or parenting
  • Therapeutic coaching 3 month in depth programme for overwhelmed mums
  • Workshops
  • Doula support (please get in touch early as I take on very limited clients each year)

Possibly you are here because:

  • You are struggling with your experience and you’d like therapeutic support or coaching to help you feel much calmer and more confident going forward
  • You are feeling anxious/stressed/overwhelmed/worried and are ready to feel much better
  • You’ve had a difficult birth or experience around birth (including fertility, miscarriage, postnatal, breastfeeding) and you would like to start your recovery
  • You would like to be prepared as much as possible and would like to feel much more educated and know what to expect when it comes to giving birth or becoming parents
  • You have specific fears, phobias or concerns around this time and it’s time to let them go
  • You would like someone to go through go through options with you when it comes to fertility, birth or parenting choices and you’d like that one to one independent support so you can make the right decisions for you

If any of that resonates with you – you are in the right place!

I work from my home in Edinburgh and have worked with many clients across the UK and Europe via Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp.

Here's how I can help you....

Coaching and Preparation

1 to 1 coaching and preparation programmes for birth, parenting, motherhood


Therapeutic support for fertility, pregnancy, Tokophobia, birth and perinatal trauma, anxiety, mild-moderate depression, fears, phobias, stress, overwhelm

Community Support

Join the Overcome the Overload community for busy mums who want to feel better every day

Online Education

Find out about the Birth and Baby Academy courses for Birth Plans (free course), Birth, Caesarean Birth, Breastfeeding and Weaning

Birth and Perinatal Trauma Training

Details of upcoming Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step REWIND Training in Scotland and North East England


If you'd like to reduce your stress and anxiety in under 5 minutes, try these videos.

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." Maya Angelou

How overwhelmed are you?Take this screening tool to get an assessment

How overwhelmed and burned out are you?  This screening tool will help you to assess exactly what symptoms you are experiencing as a result of overwhelm and help you identify where your life is feeling out of balance.