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… and I don’t know about you but I know I’m struggling with it all.   And that feeling is very valid. I’m allowed to be struggling. I’m allowed to feel uncertain, worried, concerned and unsure and also a little bit numb. We don’t know what we are dealing with. We don’t know what the […]


Life is your creation

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I recently wrote a post about working with your future self.  The task was to help you think about life without any of the day to day symptoms that you might feel (anxiety, bored, overwhelmed, stressed out, procrastinating).  Part of the exercise was to start identifying how that future you was different to you today. […]


Why ‘failing’ is good!

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Last week I wrote all about failure and about how we give ourselves a really hard time as mums specifically around failure and how we’re so good at focusing in on failure.   This week I was keen to cover why failure can actually be a good thing. It’s a really helpful thing to happen […]


What is failure?

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I’ve been busy back at work over the last week now that the kids are finally back and school and well (whoop whoop) .  There’s a real recurring theme with my clients around failure – and a sense of failure when we haven’t achieved perceived perfection.  We give ourselves such a hard time around failure. […]