One to One Birth Preparation


“Can totally recommend Tricia Murray and EFT. after a very traumatic first birth experience I had a lot to resolve before I could birth my second daughter. She helped me do it just the way I wanted and needed. It was a big healing experience.” Taciana Jackson

“Upon meeting Tricia, I found her to be open, informative and extremely insightful. Quite quickly Tricia was able to establish that it wasn’t my previous experience and rather a loss of control that was making me anxious.  Tricia recommended using EFT, which I found a powerful tool to help deescalate my high levels of anxiety…. On a personal note I found profound changes in my emotional state after 1 session.” Laura, Edinburgh

Confused or apprehensive about how to have a good birth?

What is a positive birth anyhow?
Do you feel anxious about how painful birth might be?
Do you have specific fears you want to work through?
Have you experienced a difficult birth and you want the next one to be better?

Maybe you’re planning a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC/HBAC)?

Possibly you’re contemplating a homebirth and would like to discuss it with someone?

You’re considering a caesarean birth?

Maybe you’re expecting twins and would like help to understand what birth with twins might be like?

Or maybe you’re just not sure and you’d like someone to spend time going through all the birth options and scenarios with you to help you have a positive birth regardless of what happens on the day?

“For far too many, pregnancy and birth is still something that happens to them rather than something they set out consciously and joyfully to do themselves”

Sheila Kitzinger 


Birth is such a momentous time and such a cornerstone of your experience as a woman and mother. It can affect your life in so many ways both in the short and long term.  


Fear of birth is rife.  I’ve yet to meet one woman who isn’t at least a little bit apprehensive about birth.  And that is normal.  And there’s so much fear within the medical system tied up in litigation, paperwork and restrictive protocols – all of these looking at general populations – none looking at you as an individual within that.  


The issue with much of the mainstream antenatal education (books, classes, CDs) is that they:

  • Focus on the mechanics of birth and the physical process
  • Don’t focus on your individual needs – all women go through the conveyor belt process and the system that we work in expects your to conform
  • Give you no information on what your emotional needs are at that time and how to have an emotionally safe birth
  • Provide very limited approaches on how to work with your mind to achieve the best mindset possible on the day
  • Provide little in terms in how the brain/mind/hormones/body work
  • Mask over worries or anxieties (ie give you a set of affirmations which either you don’t believe in or aren’t relevant to you)
  • Don’t provide you with enough information to alleviate your fears
  • There’s no focus on autonomy, rights, choices and how to advocate for yourself 

Meaning you may:

  • Not feel mentally prepared 
  • Be anxious in your pregnancy
  • Feel unconfident around your upcoming birth
  • Not have plan as to how you are going to approach it
  • Feel like a number in a system
  • Feel unheard 
  • May not feel prepared 
  • Be unable embrace labour and birth
  • Not know how to ask for the care you want 


One to one preparation may be for you if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You’re pregnant with your second baby and you want to have a successful VBAC or possibly vaginal birth after a very traumatic birth
  • You want to explore all your birth options
  • You’d like help to prepare for a specific birth – homebirth/caesarean/twins
  • Want to have the confidence that regardless of whatever happens, you will be able to handle it
  • You want to work through any fears, phobias, anxieties or worries
  • Prioritise your health and well-being


What’s covered in one to one preparation?

The aim of one to one preparation is to provide you with flexible, tailored support so you can feel calm and confident as you approach birth regardless what your needs are.  

Whether you are planning to have your baby or babies at home or the hospital, a vaginal or caesarean, a medicated or unmedicated birth, the sessions will make you feel calmer and more confident during your pregnancy and help you to embrace your birth so that you can achieve the best birth for you on the day.

By the end of each session you will feel much more confident then when you arrived.  The sessions are: 

  • One to one (or two if your partner would like to come)
  • Tailored information specifically for you and your individual needs 
  • Identifies what your needs are to get you physically, mentally and emotionally ready to give birth
  • The sessions might use a mixture of tools –
    • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – often referred to as tapping) which can help draw out the fears very quickly and also help to release and reduce these
    • REWIND technique – especially where you’ve had previous negative experiences or there’s issues from the past that are getting in the way
    • Meditations
    • Visualisations
    • Affirmations
  • If necessary, we can build up action plans for any worries or concerns, process any issues that are apprehensive about and vastly increase you knowledge base
  • You might have weekly EFT scripts, meditations, affirmations and small exercises that you can work through after each session and up to the time of you birth – these are tailored to you
  • We will build a specific birth plans for you and also a plan for any supporting partner so they know what they can do on the day
  • Helps you understand how to advocate for yourself and what your rights are (if necessary)
  • Educates you on your birth choices, autonomy, body, brain, environment… everything really!
  • Helps regain control over your emotions
  • Safe, non-judgemental and confidential space


So what ISN’T One to One Preparation

  • A guarantee of the birth delivery – birth is uncertain and as such, no guarantee can be made over delivery method, however it can help you feel you can cope with all uncertainties in your birth and have a number of plans
  • A standard class where each class is given in the same way – it’s an individual birth preparation programme for you – two people will never experience the same process but they will end with the same outcome – feeling much more confident, ready and calmer
  • An antenatal class where we go through the mechanics of birth


Client feedback….

“I came across the Tricia’s preparation programme when pregnant on my second child. I was about 30 weeks and my midwife was asking more about mode of delivery and suddenly my first son’s emergency c section delivery, that I thought was “dealt with” came flooding back and all the negative elements of it were full force on my mind. I was terrified of the idea of dealing with medical staff , of not feeling listened to and having to be in hospital full stop. I didn’t know what to do with all these thoughts and feelings and just thought I’ll have to go with the flow again and hope for a better experience. Not so!! I did some preparation work with Tricia and felt I clicked with her from the start. Through chatting and tapping with EFT about my anxieties and using her endless list of people and resources, I changed from the midwife who I wasn’t happy with, decided on and organised a home birth, and most importantly got my husband on board too with the idea. Tricia gave a lot of support to my husband too by means of information, people to contact regarding his fears around a home birth. We had the HBAC birth we wanted and felt assertive and in control the whole way as a result of realising and dealing with our fears. I’m really glad I did the coaching programme with Tricia as I feel a lot more assertive in general around dealing with professionals even now when it comes to me or my kids.” Aislinn Wilson


“I was recommended to Tricia, through a lifelong friend, just prior to my second child being born. I had some issues / trauma from what I thought was from my previous experience of birthing. Upon meeting Tricia, I found her to be open, informative and extremely insightful. Quite quickly Tricia was able to establish that it wasn’t my previous experience and rather a loss of control that was making me anxious.  Tricia recommended using EFT, which I found a powerful tool to help deescalate my high levels of anxiety. EFT is a tool you can use anywhere and at anytime.  I would highly recommend to anyone who  wants to gain a sense of control over any emotional difficulties that may be experienced.  On a personal note I found profound changes in my emotional state after 1 session. I used it pre and post birth and will continue to use it when required.  I would recommend Tricia to anyone I felt would benefit from her excellent service.” Laura, Edinburgh


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  • Sessions take place in my home in Edinburgh or via Skype


  • At a time to suit you

At what stage:

  • At any stage 

How many sessions and for how long:

  • Dependent on your needs – we can assess after the first session