One to One Parenting Coaching

I booked sessions with Tricia to help get over my anxiety and fear of Post Natal Depression returning during my second pregnancy. I also hoped to work on coping with other stressful life situations during my pregnancy. I cannot recommend Tricia highly enough, she made me feel completely at ease! I had never experienced anything like it before and so I wasn’t sure what to expect, I couldn’t believe the difference in my coping skills after even just one session. Tricia made me feel  safe, secure and relaxed during the sessions and I wish I had known about her sooner in life. Thank you Tricia! (KD, Edinburgh)

I initially started sessions with Tricia to try to work on my lack of self confidence and negative thought patterns related particularly to my parenting. Having benefited directly in the past from Tricia’s gentle and nurturing approach, it was very easy to open up to her and share the things I was struggling with. I had heard of EFT (one of the tools) before but didn’t know much about it, so had no real expectations but I genuinely felt the benefits after one session, EFT is an amazing tool which is so easy and effective to use in daily life. I highly recommend Tricia, she has a wonderful way of creating a natural, safe and peaceful environment, even when you are discussing things that are difficult for you. Give it a go, you might just be surprised! (PM, Edinburgh)

Tricia worked with me to work on some deep emotional and situational challenges. I had been finding it difficult to release as some of the energy I’d built up over the period since having my first child and the sessions acted as a pathway to freedom. I slept the best I’d slept in a really long time that night and felt a lot free-er and calmer for quite some time afterwards. EFT gave me some tools to add to my ‘self care’ toolbox so I can support myself better at times of challenge. Tricia has a really nice, non judgemental and caring way of working and I’d have no hesitation in working with Tricia again should I feel I need it. (BT, Edinburgh)

Do you feel burned out, overwhelmed, stressed out or just completely fed up?

Are you concerned about life as a parent and feeling apprehensive and possibly out of control?

Are you keen to thrive as a parent?

Would you like to find solutions to your new life?

Is a better balance important for you?

Is it time to clear any resistance that you might have as a parent?



Being a new parent is TOUGH, whether it’s your first baby or fourth baby – each baby that comes along brings a whole new set of challenges and dynamics regardless if it’s a good baby or not.  Have you ever noticed that some parents seem to embrace and sail through it, whilst many other parents really struggle?


Parenting is NOT a competition for who it is harder for.  It doesn’t need to be a struggle or something to be endured.  Parenting can be an enjoyable experience.


Many of the issues are because we resist the transition and adapting to new life.  Sometimes we aren’t resourced enough to meet our basic needs. Sometimes it’s down to how we are hard wired and pre-programmed to manage. Sometimes it’s because we just have never gone through what our expectations are of parenting and compared that to the reality. Other times it’s because we aren’t meant to parent in isolation – we might identify some solutions to help you to manage day-to-day so you can actually enjoy being a parent.


Maybe you’ve been:

  • been sitting on social media non-stop
  • searching on google trying to find other people who are experiencing what you are
  • read numerous parenting books and blogs
  • spoken to your partner/family/friends
  • trying to process what’s happening
  • maybe you’ve managed to get the opportunity for some me-time


Nothing is helping.  Maybe you can’t sleep when baby sleeps, you’re bored with your baby, you’re feeling angry or resentful.  Maybe every day feels like a challenge.  Maybe you’re feeling really overwhelmed being a mum and feeling like you can’t cope? Maybe you had PND or anxiety after your first baby and you don’t want it to happen again.  Maybe you’re feeling teary or panicky.  Maybe you are feeling isolated and lonely.  Maybe you are wondering when on earth your baby is going to start sleeping – when will it get easier or better?  It could be affecting you and your relationships around you and that might feel pretty rubbish.

Celebrating you

Everyone experiences something different.  But what’s great is that you are looking at getting help – well done you!!!!! That’s the first step to making it better.

Let’s get something clear

These feelings DO NOT mean that you don’t love your baby.  Even if you can’t bond with your baby, it doesn’t mean you don’t love them.  These feelings are perfectly normal as we transition into parents.

However, stress, anxiety and overwhelm don’t need to dominate our everyday lives as expectant or new parents .  We can re-programme our reaction to what’s happening once we understand what is triggering us to feel like this and that’s where one to one coaching comes in.

So here’s how coaching can help you:

  • Change your mindset – it can alter your mindset so you can start to feel positive about your situation and also breaks negative patterns of behaviour
  • Helps you to understand what you are going through – emotions, triggers, fears and anxieties that are currently affecting you
  • Gives you a set of brilliant tools to help you manage day to day
  • Helps you re-gain control
  • Regain a sense of you

Coaching may be for you if:

  • you want to actually enJOY being a parent
  • you want to think positively
  • you are ready to work through what’s happening with you
  • you’ve tried other therapies and nothing has worked
  • you are open to trying a completely different approach
  • you prioritise your health and well-being
  • you are willing to put in the work to get the best results for you (normally 4 sessions and 5-10 mins a few times a week)

So what IS covered in the coaching programme?

The aim of one to one parenting coaching is to change your mindset.  It will enable you to find the JOY in parenting and feel more confident and calmer and to stop that overthinking brain, re-programme your response to certain triggers (possibly crying, lack of sleep, exhaustion, feeding, your partner) and normalise what is happening for you.

Here’s what happens in the sessions –

Session 1:

You describe all the issues you’d like help with and we build together a definitive list that we will work through over the coming weeks.  We’ll acknowledge how you are feeling and then focus on how you WANT to feel.   We’ll carry out an assessment together to identify where you are right now, so we can see the improvements by week 4.


Session 2:

We focus on 2-3 key areas that are specifically affecting your everyday now.  You will learn tools and strategies to manage those and challenge your everyday thinking.  You’ll be given simple everyday mindset tools to start using that will quickly change how you are feeling.  You’ll be expected to start regularly using these.


Session 3:

We’ll look at resistance and the everyday stories we tell ourselves – I’m too busy, too tired, too lazy, too disorganised, too poor etc about why you are stuck in this place.  We’ll work through these stories and this resistance and start to address them.


Session 4:

We’ll do another assessment to celebrate the change from Session 1 and then identify any areas that you can work on yourself going forward now that you have the tools and the knowledge and understanding to create change.



And what does one to one coaching not include?

  • A guarantee that you will enjoy every day as a new parent – there are always going to be times that are hard, challenging, where nothing goes right.  You are going to have days you loose your cool.  Days that are just beyond exhausting.  That’s life as a parent – but we are looking to help change your feelings around that so you can acknowledge and rationalise it and not be burdened by it
  • A standard programme where each week or session is the same – it’s an individual programme for you – two people will never experience the same process but they will end with the same outcome – feeling much more confident and calmer
  • A parenting class
  • Counselling – this is a therapy to help you to re-programme your behaviours and how you respond to triggers

Tell me MORE – I’m ready to book


  • Sessions take place in my home in Edinburgh or via Skype


  • At a time to suit you

How many sessions and for how long:

  • 4 sessions – each session will last 2 hours

Can I bring baby:

  • It’s preferable that you don’t bring your baby with you.  If it really is an issue, please try to schedule a time where you think your baby will be sleeping and we can work round it or consider doing the sessions by Skype in the evening when baby is asleep.


  • £350 for the 4 weeks, additional top up sessions are available