Project Fear

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I’m not going to sit on the fence about this issue – I’m getting more and more cross with Project Fear in our maternity services and specifically related to birth choices. The last few weeks I’ve been supporting a few mums planning to make choices against what their Health Care Professionals are supporting.  These mums are traumatised […]

Perinatal Mental Health Debate at the House of Lords

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I was so pleased to be invited to the House of Lords on the 7th June 2016 with over 70 campaigners including those with lived experience, health care professionals, academics, voluntary organisations, artists were invited to a debate on Perinatal Mental Health.  This was chaired by Baroness Kennedy (QC) and organised by Sanchita Islam at […]

The Fears of Birth

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Birth can be a worry for many of us and for so many different reasons.  We have been inundated for such a long time about how awful birth can be, about how sore it is (“take ALL the drugs”), how exhausting it is and so many more horror stories.  These deep seated fears and anxieties about birth […]

What I learned in London….

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A weekend was spent with, what I strongly believe to be, the most influential people working in Perinatal Mental Health and I’ve come back feeling inspired, motivated and know that what I’m doing is there to make the biggest of differences to expectant and new parents. Many of us volunteer for grass-root, peer support organisations […]