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Preparing for Parenting

Preparing for Parenting is totally unique, positive approach to supporting you to enjoy the first year of life as a parent.

How can you get ready to enjoy your baby?

This approach is here to match up the expectations and realities in a way that will fill you with confidence and so you can understand how to parent through love. It will help to unite you with other like minded parents, building your own network of gentle parents.

In pregnancy, so much of our focus is on birth and we often put to one side the issue of becoming a parent.  This class focuses on supporting the emotional and physical transition of parenthood. It provides you with positive, gentle solutions around sleep, routines, feeding, calming and communicating with your baby. The class looks at life after birth, postnatal care and recovery of mum, balancing needs of the family and where to turn to for help.  You can build a postnatal plan which will mean you can have everything in place.

Preparing for Parenting is here to support parents to gain knowledge and confidence to nurture and enjoy their babies.  These antenatal classes will help to inform you of what normal infant behaviour is so you know what to expect, know how to prepare positively and provide you with valuable evidence-based information.  Topics will include:

  • Normal infant sleep and routines – What is a normal routine? What is a normal sleep pattern for a baby? Gentle approaches to supporting sleep and routines and working with your baby.
  • Communicating with and calming your baby – understanding how to tune in to your baby – what are the signs that baby is hungry, tired, unsettled? Why is your baby crying? This session supports you to tune into baby’s cues and ways you can support your baby including how to calm and settle a crying baby.
  • Expectations and reality of parenting – what are your expectations of parenting? How can you prepare yourself so your expectations are more aligned with the reality of what it’s like to be a parent. What will your life look like?
  • Postnatal care and recovery of mum – focusing on how to help mum recover from birth and pregnancy – looking at nutrition, physical activities, and emotionally support.  This specifically covers the first 24 hours after birth and the first few weeks.
  • The effect of the birth – how the birth can affect mum and baby (and sometimes dad/partner) and providing ways both mum and baby can be supported.
  • Balancing needs of the family – focusing on how to balance everyone’s needs including baby, mum, dad/partner and the wider circle.
  • Feeding – this will focus mainly on breastfeeding in addition to other feeding methods to provide a comprehensive guide and will help you to understand why breastfeeding can go wrong and how you can stop that starting.
  • Where to go for support – signposting you to where you can get further support for all types of scenarios.
  • Classes and activities – this will discuss what are good classes and activities for you and your baby to take part in.

PLEASE NOTE – this class will not show you how to change a nappy, change a baby, bath a baby or anything else that is practically focused because those thing you will learn after your third attempt – this class is for everything that your care team or no one else will tell you.  And let’s face it, a doll is not the same as a wriggling, breathing, precious baby.

Frequently asked questions available here.

Cost: £250 – 4 hours – either two evenings or half a day – at a time that is mutually convenient.  If you would like to put together a group, please get in touch and I’m happy to arrange that with you.


“We attended a parenting course with Tricia in January 2016 in preparation for the birth of our baby boy, Gabriel. The course was very informative and Tricia made sure that all our individual concerns and questions were discussed. It has definitely changed our expectations of the first weeks and months with baby and we feel better prepared for parenthood as a result. We would recommend this course to anyone expecting a baby and willing to acquire a well informed view of the birth and first weeks and months with the baby as well as learning about resources and techniques at their disposal” Vanessa & Raymond

“I attended a one-to-one Preparing for Parenting course with Tricia in March. My baby is due in May and as a first time mum, I had lots of questions! Tricia is lovely and provided guidance and support in a kind, gentle and positive way. She is very well informed and has a genuine passion for parents, babies, birthing and parenting.  I didn’t feel ‘silly’ asking any of my questions. Tricia also spoke with me about topics I hadn’t previously given much thought to, such as communicating with my baby; really helpful and interesting. I came away feeling more confident and relaxed about the next few months to come.  Tricia also has a lot of good resources – book suggestions, details of classes and who to go to for additional support.  If I need any further support during my pregnancy or post-birth I will have no hesitation in contacting Tricia.” Lauren Stewart


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