Weaning Classes

Practical Approach to Weaning Classes

The class will provide helpful tips, suggestions and guidance about how to implement weaning.  Weaning has become complicated with the “new” method of baby led weaning as well as the guidance Weaning Edinburghof around 6 months yet a lot of the traditional approaches of using purées are all over the supermarket shelves, are what our parents advise us and even sometimes – under their breath – health practitioners.

For me, weaning is the next step to be enjoyed and the course (with accompanying handout) will help you to be more confident and relaxed with weaning helping to lead to a happy, healthy baby at the end of it.

The class is carried out in a relaxed setting in my home (or you can book a class in your home) and gives you the opportunity to ask lots of questions.  There will be food demonstrated – looking at shape and size and texture.

We discuss both weaning methods and a mix approach – information is provided, yet parents are encouraged to wean in the way that they want and follow their own instincts.  The emphasis of this class is encouraging family mealtimes, real food and discuss some of the concerns around when, how, how much, etc.

The following topics are part of the course:

  • Equipment
  • When should you start weaning
  • Baby-led or purees?
  • How should you start?
  • What should you give them?
  • Meal suggestions/ideas
  • Safety/health points
  • Family meals
  • Encouraging balanced healthy eating patterns as your baby grows older
  • Handy tips for preparing in advance
  • Coping with difficult mealtimes

The course comes with a handout for you to take away.


  • encourages babies to eat real food early on
  • makes parents more confident and relaxed about weaning which benefits both the parents and the babies
  • encourages experimentation
  • suggested meals and tips to get started
  • saves unnecessary expense, time cooking and parents don’t need to look up all the latest research
  • the ability to ask questions in a relaxed setting with small numbers
  • looks ahead into childhood

Feedback from previous participants:

“The thought of weaning my six month twins was daunting to say the least, I felt I was getting conflicting advice from every angle. Tricia’s weaning class helped me feel that I could do it, by giving simple and very practical methods, which are certainly working for all of us. Tricia has lots of knowledge and delivers the class in a very personal way which makes it a very enjoyable relaxing experience. I use the information daily and believe my boys have benefited from it greatly.”

“Thanks so much for coming to do the class. Everybody enjoyed it thoroughly and found it very beneficial. A few of the girls have since started weaning and are feeling much more confident after your information and advice! It’s great to have common sense hints and tips from somebody who has been through it all rather than just reading from books!” (Private weaning class)

“We were warmly welcomed into Tricia’s home and I feel I learnt a great deal as all aspects of weaning were covered. Tricia is extremely knowledgeable and her relaxed manner has given me the confidence I needed.”

“Very well prepared and researched, along with personal experience which made it feel more of a discussion rather than being talked at.”

“Real life examples from Tricia’s experience really made the session. Much more preferable to a set of ‘rules’.”

“The Practical Weaning class was brilliant. It was honest, practical advice in a relaxed atmosphere rather than the normal standard ‘talk’ you’re given by Health Visitors. It has definitely made me more confident with starting weaning, thank you Tricia!”

Booking information

I am delighted that these classes are now available online – you can find them here: https://birth-and-baby-academy.teachable.com/p/weaning-bundle/.

Recommended websites

NHS Advice: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/Pages/solid-foods-weaning.aspx

St John’s Ambulance – for choking infants: http://www.sja.org.uk/sja/first-aid-advice/breathing-problems/choking.aspx

Really good site on baby led weaning – http://www.babyledweaning.com/

Unfooding – Have you heard of unfooding?  Really interested in this – if you have, please let me know as interested to hear your experience.