Consultations are available as follows:

Birth preparation – 2-3 hour session and 6 weeks of email follow up

Discussion of various birth choices – where and how you want to birth.  We can look at the benefits and risks of all the various choices.  We can identify

  • any anxieties that you are worried about including debriefing any previous births,
  • how we you maximise your chances for a positive birth,
  • how you can control the environment,
  • how to get the best communication with the birth team,
  • the hospital policies that are relevant for you and obtain them
  • you birth choices and ensure you make informed choices
  • any evidence that is specifically for you

Suitable for those planning home birth, those who have more complex needs to think about (VBAC, twins, previous birth trauma). We will also look at the role of any birth partners and develop specific plans and support for them.

Cost: £150 – redeemable in full towards full birth support

New baby support (including feeding support) – 2 hour session and 2 weeks of follow up text/email support

If you’re struggling with your new baby or babies and need extra support then get in touch.  We can look at how your baby was birthed, how feeding is going, identify any services that might help (cranial osteopathy, baby massage, homeopathic medicine, lactation consultant, further investigation for colic/reflux), how to develop and maintain a gentle routine, any equipment that might help settle your baby.  Particularly suitable for those who have:

  • twins (including the logistics, feeding, routines, management of twins)
  • unsettled baby
  • need help with feeding (breast and/or bottle)
  • those who have experienced a challenging birth
  • those who are struggling to bond with their baby
  • those who maybe feel anxious and need someone to help them
  • a perinatal mental health illness (mild-moderate depression/anxiety)

Cost: £120

Birth debriefing – usually 2 hours with some email follow

If you’ve had a challenging birth then I offer a birth debriefing session where we go through your birth and you have the space you need to talk.  It can identify the run up to the birth, what’s happened in the birth, how it’s made you feel, your relationship with your baby and partner, how you can move forward, identify any therapies or services that are applicable to you (please look at Birth Trauma Recovery as this might be more suitable).

Cost: £100 (£50 redeemable against future birth doula support or Birth Trauma Recovery)



Payments can be made in instalments if that makes it easier.

Travel is included within the Edinburgh city boundary.  Additional costs of 45p per mile from my home for those outwith the city will be added.