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“Tricia has a lovely practical and gentle approach…. she gave me confidence that I needed!” Sara MacDoka

I’m so pleased you’ve clicked here and want to know more – I know for many that can be a big step in itself. This website is intended to provide you with a lot of information in terms of how we can work together including how much the different services cost.

If you’re now ready to work more closely together, you can phone (07811 200 762) or email me (  I work both in person and via Skype depending on what you are looking for so it doesn’t matter where you are based in the UK.

I am always very happy to have a phone call (or if you’re looking for doula support, meet in person) before we commit to working together.  There is never an expectation or pressure to go ahead as I realise it’s so important that we connect before working together, especially at a time when you need the most confidence that you are getting the right support.


If you’d like more clarification, I promise no sales pitches or pressure to use my services (I personally find that very uncomfortable being at either side of that).  The biggest thing that’s important is you feel you can trust me to support you with whatever your needs are.  That’s where we have success – when there’s a connection between you and me.  Out of everything, that’s the most vital element.


Get to know me by following my social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – here you can get an understanding of my interests/expertise, how I work and learn a little bit about me.

I aim to get back to any enquiry within 24-48 hours.  If you haven’t heard from me, then please re-contact me in case your message has gone astray.

Much love, Tricia xxx