Coronavirus Support

We are in uncertain and challenging times and it’s so hard. 

I want to let you know everything you are feeling is very valid.    

It can be so hard to:

  • Support ourselves with uncertainty in terms of the what/how/length of time/planning the future
  • Manage fear of the unknown for us and for those around us
  • Feel able to listen to news updates
  • Not worry about the potential impact in terms of work, jobs, income, family life, health, school, friends, society, community NHS etc
  • Manage our feelings towards other behaviours and attitudes
  • Feel certain about what our own choices and decisions are


What we do know

  • It’s something that is out with our control
  • It’s something that will end at some point
  • It’s something that can provide opportunities for us to change how we function in the world – maybe less travel, maybe more people pooling communities, maybe a quieter and slower life, maybe a better resourced NHS and more…
  • And that RIGHT NOW WE ARE OK and WELL


We cannot control most of what’s going on around us. We can, however, control our reactions to the situation we are facing. By being part of these sessions, you will work directly with your nervous system helping you to feel calmer, grounded and more in control of your emotions.


I want to help you at this time and here’s how I can help you.

Online group sessions

These will be using EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as tapping).  

EFT is of huge benefit right now as it works with the nervous system supporting the body to go into a calm response rather than a highly charged state and studies demonstrate it can:

  • Decreases cortisol by 43% 
  • Increases antibodies by 113%
  • Reduces anxiety by 40%
  • Improves happiness by 31% 



“Like many others, I have felt increasingly on edge over the last few weeks as the risk of COVID-19 has moved from a distant concern to a scary reality. The impact it has already had on the world, the uncertainty about how things are going to progress and the inevitable consequences to our society are issues that are clearly worrying many of us. With this in mind I was very grateful to join Tricia’s Zoom session focusing on worries around this emotive subject. Tricia is experienced in teaching EFT (or “tapping”) and was able to quickly explain and demonstrate the tapping sequences before getting right into some scripts. She had clearly prepared well for the session and focused on some common themes as well as taking on board individual worries and concerns. The opportunity to acknowledge my worries around the outbreak helped me to see that I’d been suppressing my feelings more than I realised. Tapping around these feelings allowed me to work through some of my personal worries and definitely reduced my overall levels of stress. Tricia is passionate about the positive impact that regular tapping can have on your life. After today’s session I recognise that taking some time to continue to identify and accept my feelings about the outbreak will help me to protect my mental health in the coming weeks and months. I would not hesitate in recommending her sessions to ANYONE, whether you feel overwhelmed by current events or you believe that you are coping ok.”


These will be happening 2/3 times a week until the chaos has calmed down.  It’s a small charge of £10, with NHS staff receiving a 50% discount and anyone who is genuinely concerned about finances can pay a donation.  To book into the next event head here.


One-to-one sessions

These are powerful, one-off, short, 50 minute, one to one sessions which can be used for anyone struggling with coronavirus in general or for specific pregnancy/birth/newborn support at this time.

The sessions will give you the space to identify what issues are causing you the most concern and will give you ways to manage this time of anxiety and uncertainty,

By the end of the 50 minute session you will have a toolkit and a clearly defined plan to help you through this time feeling calm, grounded and centred.

These cost £50 but NHS staff can access these for £35.  You can book directly here.

If you are completely overwhelmed by anxiety and it’s affecting your physical and mental wellbeing, it might be better for you to book in for a full therapeutic EFT session.


If you’d like to chat to me about either of these, then drop me an email.  There is no obligation at any time to book and you might find a 15 min chat might be enough.