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5 Minutes For You 5-Day Challenge

5th - 9th October 2020

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Join the Challenge below...

Every day, we’ll do 5 minutes of EFT.  Simple. Easy.  Achievable.   

Over the 5 days together you will:

  • Tune in with your body so that feeling of heart racing, panic, tightness in your chest or tummy, tension in your shoulder disappears
  • Work with your anxiety rather than against so it doesn’t rule your life
  • Improve your motivation and energy so you’re not completely exhausted come 5pm (with your head in the chocolate cupboard) and have the energy to put the kids to bed without tears or shouting (from you!)
  • Be curious and compassionate about the way you feel so you can remove your inner critic and recognise how well you are doing
  • Feel calm and in control so you can improve the quality of your sleep 


The biggest excuse and the biggest story we tell ourselves is we have no time.  We all have time – it’s what we choose to do with it. You will be held accountable within the group to take the 5 mins for you every day.

It works

You’ve tried reading books, podcasts, reading blogs,  listening to meditation and mindfulness and nothing is touching it and you’re still feeling out of control.  EFT works.  I can’t wait to show you.   

Results driven

At the start of the challenge you will measure how your situation is impacting your sleep, behaviour, thoughts, emotions, relationships and more and you’ll re-do the test at the end so you can see the results for yourself.

Here’s what you can expect after 5 days…..

Hi Tricia, I have to confess, I had some reservations about the EFT technique initially, but I can see that it is working for me now.  I have used the technique to help me overcome insomnia and to overcome some of the feelings of being overwhelmed. It does work! Typically after I get the kids to bed, I’m so exhausted, my evening time is not productive and then I feel bad at not making more effective use of the time I have in the evening. It’s a daily struggle and the feelings of guilt regarding this is overwhelming. It becomes a vicious circle, and I believe this technique intercepts that cycle. I suppose what I get from the EFT is to recognise/allow/acknowledge to myself these feelings and that life and things are still fine. After doing the EFT technique I felt more refreshed and able to make an informed decision on my evening hours instead of spending it exhausted wasting time on the couch. thanks!
I just did my first one, went for a swim for the first time in forever this morning and combined with the tapping I feel a sense of wellbeing I've not felt in a very long time.
I’m going ‘out’ with a bunch of school mums (which I haven’t done for a long time plus I don’t know them very well) so my anxiety is through the roof today. I spent a few minutes in the car after I did the food shop tapping and then again while I was making tea. I can't believe how much of a difference it makes!!
I did the tapping today and felt calmer. Also made a conscious effort not to mindlessly scroll on my phone tonight and instead watched some videos I had been wanting to watch.

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