I initially started EFT sessions with Tricia to try to work on my lack of self confidence and negative thought patterns related particularly to my parenting. Having benefited directly in the past from Tricia’s gentle and nurturing approach, it was very easy to open up to her and share the things I was struggling with. I had heard of EFT before but didn’t know much about it, so had no real expectations but I genuinely felt the benefits after one session, EFT is an amazing tool which is so easy and effective to use in daily life. I highly recommend Tricia if you are considering giving EFT a go, she has a wonderful way of creating a natural, safe and peaceful environment, even when you are discussing things that are difficult for you. Give it a go, you might just be surprised! (PM, Edinburgh)

If you’re a new mum or mum-to-be – you might be interested in:

EFT Therapy – one off sessions working on specific issues around pregnancy, birth, parenthood – can be adapted to work with fears, stress, anxiety, overwhelm – whether you’re pregnant or your children are 5… this is a really effective therapy for working through all these issues.

Trauma Birth Recovery – suitable for those who want to put a past birth behind them.

Parenting Coaching Programme – 1:1 programme over a 4 week period making you feel confident, calm and help you through any worries, anxieties or issues you are having with your experience as a parent.  Available for both new Mums and Dads to support you through that transition.

Newborn Consultancy – support for you and your new baby around feeding, sleep, general baby care, understanding what your baby’s needs are and balancing these with your needs