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Overcome the Overload is the membership for mums who want to keep their sh*t together and show up as the best version of themselves calm, happy and full of energy

Does it feel like everyone else has got motherhood nailed? 

Meanwhile you: 
  • Lose your sh*t with your kids way too often.
  • Use TV and other electronic babysitters because you just can’t be bothered.
  • Mealtimes and bedtime are full of tears and tantrums – yours and theirs.
  • Feel anxious over everything.  
  • You have no energy and spend so much time procrastinating and not able to make decisions.
  • Constantly say “I have no time” but you scroll your phone and get caught up in time wasting activities and you end up feeling pissed off and lethargic.
You feel completely fed up feeling like this and you can’t see a way out.
You know you could be doing better, handling life more calmly, be more present and relaxed.
"Overcome the overload has had such a positive effect on my life. The Monday evening sessions are incredibly beneficial. Not only do I always sleep well afterwards but my ability to cope with the daily stresses in life has improved dramatically. I am a much calmer mum who is beginning to understand the importance of taking time out to do something for myself (no matter how small).”

When you're feeling wiped out by motherhood, you can't show up as the mum you want to be.

Here’s the thing:
We were never meant to parent alone.
We are meant to live in tribes and communities, parenting together.
The idea that women ‘should’ be the main ones responsible for children and the home is a completely outdated belief system that we are constantly internally fighting with.
Parenting used to mean making sure your child survived to adulthood.
Now parenting is about what age your baby can walk, who says the first word, which extra curricular classes your child is doing and how many foreign languages they can speak.  
And if you don’t do this stuff… well, you feel like a total failure.
Comparison after comparison which makes you feel entirely rubbish.

Let's redefine modern parenting

Take this societal pressure off our shoulders and live your life the way you want with your own rules.
Realising that the more time you do things that light your passion, the more you can do and want to do with your kids and family.  You matter.  
Prioritising activities that you enjoy over what you feel you ‘should be’ doing with your child because everyone else is.
Slowing down – running around all the time means you get exhausted and frazzled and you are missing all those moments of connection with your kids, family and friends.
Focussing on doing more of what you want to do and less of the things that drain your energy.
Organising support is wise as it gives you the chance to do all the things you want to do. 
Building a genuine support network – people who you actually want to be with – not just because you gave birth at the same time and feel you ‘should’ be friends.

Imagine if you could do all that and...

  • Be the parent you want to be… playing, being present and enjoying days with your kids without being desperate for bed time.
  • Get to end of the day keeping your shit together.
  • Handle your kids’ meltdowns, inane questioning and constantly nagging and accept your children for who they are, without trying to ‘fix’ everything.
  • Reduce addictive behaviours like eating crap food, scrolling your phone and ordering stuff on Amazon Prime.
  • Know exactly why you were behaving the way you do and knew how to change it.
  • Have the self-compassion with yourself so instead of saying ‘you should be…’, you feel OK with how things are.
  • Improve communication with your partner about the way things are and have calmer and more productive conversations.
  • Handle periods of intense stress without becoming panicky and anxious or wanting to crawl under the covers and never get up.
  • Make the time to go for a run, do yoga or do that hobby you love because you have more energy.
“I love this group. I have learned so much about the importance of self-care and being kind to ourselves. It’s good to find a community of supportive, like minded mums. Tricia is a wonderful facilitator, using her knowledge and skills to provide the tools to help navigate the sometimes overwhelming challenges of modern parenting.”
“I find Tricia so knowledgable and supportive. She is on a mission to helps us Mums feel less stress in our lives by giving us the tools to deal with whatever comes our way I find EFT so useful when used regularly.”

Hi, I’m Tricia

I’m a mum to 4 boys. I know how much pressure there is for mums to juggle and do it all. I’ve been working with mums since 2014 after my own difficult experience.  

I came across EFT (also knowing as tapping) as part of my recovery from PND/postnatal (lifelong) anxiety. EFT had such a profound change on anxiety/mental health, sleep, thoughts, relationship, behaviours, confidence and so much more.  Nothing else that I had tried had such a huge impact.  

When I had my fourth son in 2018, I was struggling with all the usual new mum things with lack of sleep, catastrophising and obsessing with sleep, and one night I just started to tap with this phrase:

“Even though I’m so fed up with the lack of sleep, I accept myself and all my feelings, and this will end”
Within the 5 minutes I stopped crying, my catastrophising voice stopped and my rational head was engaged.  I realised this would end.  The constant night feeds would stop.  I’d be ok.
In that moment, though, it dawned on me… imagine if every mum I knew had access to EFT… imagine the lives it would change and improve if we weren’t always crying, shouting, panicking, catastrophising and trying to control everything. 
And that’s when Overcome the Overload was born.  

Welcome to Overcome the Overload
the membership for mums who want to keep their sh*t together and show up as the best version of themselves calm, happy and full of energy

Joining the membership will mean you will:

Gain insight to why you feel the way that you do – what’s making you feel this shattered, fed up, angry, resentful or unmotivated? 
Become friends with anxiety – rather than hating this feeling of anxiety – work WITH it, not against it.
Process your fears – what are you scared will happen if you don’t complete everything on your to do list? Or make a mistake? Or something bigger?
Reduce the internal chatter, the catastrophising, the negative Nancy that just doesn’t stop talking.
Improve how you communicate with your partners, family and friends – working on how you approach these discussions and relationships mean that you’ll feel less angry and triggered.
Stop being hijacked by your emotions – what’s at the root of the emotional rollercoaster? What’s causing that internal conflict which creates that volcano eruption?
Identify what is it you need – what’s causing you to react in the way you are? How can you get your needs met?
Increase your resilience, internal resources and inner strength.
Reframe the mum-guilt and everything else that’s holding you back.
Question those choices that you make on autopilot and bring awareness to what you really want.
Regain your boundaries and stop being driven by people pleasing.
Practical tips, resources and insights to improve day to day life.

by joining this group you will:

  • Gain the confidence to look after you and your needs
  • Recognising that the happier you are- the more your family will thrive.
  • Be much more connected with your kids as you’ll be able to actually enjoy being with them.
  • Notice all the great things in your life and all the small moments.
  • Save your time, energy and money to enable you to do more of what you want to do.
  • Get to the end of the day calmly
  • Be able to talk to your partner or others without feeling pissed off and angry.
  • Stop the constant rushing around and people pleasing.
  • Increase your energy, motivation and focus.
  • Find time to do all the things you want to do.
  • Your sleep and wellbeing will be improved.
  • You won’t be on a constant rollercoaster of emotions.

What’s covered in the membership:

Community & Support

An amazing community of like minded mums, 3 themed group tapping sessions a week, a monthly group coaching call and live teaching twice a month (recorded).


Regular guest interviews supporting you to wellness including nutritionists, hormonal experts, fitness, wellness, coaches, psychotherapists/psychologists and more.


You will learn how to use EFT so you can regain control of your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and energy through just a few mins of tapping every single day.

Library of Resources

Teaching modules, over 70 EFT scripts, meditations, coaching tools, e-book and loads more.


Group support, optional monthly individual accountability call, regular challenges and inspired action.

When I went onto my first zoom session of tapping I didn’t know what to expect, and I thought about it a few times before I actually tried it. The first Monday I tried it I was so relieved at how calm and relaxed I felt after the tapping session. I used the tapping to get me through my week too. I was amazed at all the different sessions that are in Teachable and it’s absolutely amazing. I really feel thats it’s helped me in my daily life, I look forward to every week of tapping on zoom and meeting other people too on the platform, its life changing as I tap regularly during the week now.”
“Joining this group has been one of the best things I have done. EFT has changed my life. I love the fact it’s so quick and just 5 mins a day can make all the difference to how I mange my emotions and deal with all the various challenges us mums face. There is a real community feel and everyone is so supportive. Tricia is wonderful and is so passionate about EFT and has such a calming effect on people.”
“I had seen the group advertised and kept “meaning to join”, then I hit a breaking point, returned for some 1:1 with Tricia and joined the group. I have not looked back, It’s been a great follow on support network. the Monday night group and coaching, and monthly phone call with Tricia have all been great. The resources on teachable are always to hand, I now have no excuses! I have been able to take 5 minutes of me time regularly now to tap using the scrips, or do it myself on other issues that pop up for me.”


  • EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping is a therapy where you tap on various parts of your head, face and body whilst saying specific phrases
  • It is growing in evidence base – there are now over a hundred research papers demonstrating the effectiveness of EFT 
  • There are fMRI scans which demonstrate using EFT can actually change the way your brain works
  • It works by stimulating a calm response state through tapping on various acupressure points across your head, face and body
  • The tapping process helps connects the thoughts to the body  
  • When we start to think about those issues, we start to link them with the calm response state rather than the stressed state we so often instinctively go to – i.e. you are changing how you are programmed to respond to that trigger/issue – this is called memory reconsolidating 
  • It can look a bit funny but don’t let that stop you trying something that could literally change your life by spending 5 minutes every day doing 
  • Studies have shown that EFT, particularly in a group session can reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) by 43%, increase antibodies by 113%, reduce anxiety by 40% and improve happiness by 31%

The monthly membership costs £30 per month (£1 per day!).  You can unsubscribe at any time.  Members receive £50 discount off a block of EFT sessions with me.

We meet on zoom as follows:

Group EFT 

  • every Monday night 8pm-9pm
  • alternate Tuesdays at 11am-12pm
  • alternate Wednesdays 9.30am-10.30am

Group Coaching

Every third Thursday of each month

Live Teaching (recorded and uploaded on Teachable)

Every second Friday of each month for live teaching  

Here’s some of the topics covered this year for group EFT:

Coping with our Children’s Behaviour, Coping with our Children’s Behaviour (Triggers),  Feelings Towards Our Partners, Phone Use, Motivation, Mother’s Guilt, Time Management, Emotional Eating, Managing Big Emotions, Stress Management (specifically work/childcare), Coronavirus & Lockdown Easing, Self-Worth, Social Anxiety, Coping With Uncertainty/Change, Managing Sensory Overload and many many more…

There are strictly no refunds, but you can cancel your membership at anytime.

To join you will need to enrol on Teachable and from there you can join any of the group session.