Overcome the Overload

Are you a mum?

Feeling overwhelmed and overloaded?

How would it feel if you had the tools and resources to manage life in a much calmer way?


“I have noticed a lot of positive changes.  I do feel much more calmer and am able to deal with things much more rationally.  I also feel a much better mum and able to deal with challenges both at work and at home much more effectively.  I also feel that because I am feeling calmer and able to deal with things better, my daughter’s behaviour is better and the way she responds to me has also improved.  I do think that she has probably picked up a lot on my anxiety which in turn has had impact on her an how she deals with things.”


To join you will need to enrol on Teachable.

Membership is open all year so that mums can access it as soon as they need it.   


Here’s what I believe the overload to be…

  • Plate spinning
  • Balancing act
  • Juggling priorities
  • Keeping ‘on top’ of everything
  • Feeling like we have too many tabs open
  • Trying to please too many people but never pleasing ourselves
  • Struggling to place any priority on our own needs

These are just a few of the reasons I believe we struggle with overload:

  • We’re not meant to parent on our own – we are meant to live in tribes and communities parenting
  • We’re meant to fully co-parent – the idea that women ‘should’ be the main ones responsible for children is never how we were meant to parent 
  • Work doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with parenting, yet we NEED to work to live and many of us WANT to work
  • Unachievable expectations: we believe we can be full time mums, have high flying careers, balance volunteering, be eco warriors, cook like Nigella Lawson, keep a house like Marie Kondo, we want to be out with friends, we are also partners, daughters, sisters…
  • FOMO 
  • Being a mum in the 21st century means we believe we need to craft like Mr Maker, bake like Mary Berry, be a life coach and psychologist to our children, have Bear Grylls adventures, educate our children, take our kids to ALL the classes, limit screen time, never leave our children unsupervised…
  • Gatekeeping – we believe we’re the only ones in our families who knows everything and are able to do everything right
  • We feel we can’t ask or justify seeking help
  • We don’t believe that we are worthy of looking after ourselves
  • We are constantly switched on to technology
  • We have money pressures
  • We are still working through our own issues
  • We often aren’t well resourced in how well we manage stress and difficult situations and transitions
  • We can’t say no and have poor boundaries…

…And so the list goes on!

This all means that we might be on edge, feeling burned out and struggling to sleep, which leads to us snapping and having little ability to focus and remain calm…


Living in such a high state of adrenaline is not healthy for you, nor your family – both in the short and long term!


Welcome to Overcome the Overload…

“I loved discovering this versatile technique. I would recommend it to anyone to tackle any issue really! Tricia is so knowledgeable and supportive. Her video demonstrations and explanations are really easy to follow and access.”



This is specifically for mums with children of any age who want find a way of coping with the constant overload of modern life.  


“Having had anxiety for most of my life I was looking for something that I could do on a daily basis that was quick and effective to help me manage it.  I had been researching EFT for some time and then I saw your group and I thought that this would be a great place to start to learn more about EFT as well as having regular support from an experienced practitioner.”
(Patricia-Ann Reynolds, Founding Member)


If you’d asked me a few weeks ago, I joined Overcome the Overload to have access to EFT scripts.  If I was to pick one reason why I’m still a member, it is the chats and support from Tricia and the other mums.  The sharing of information, the understanding, the sense of being part of a likeminded group. Since being part of the group, I have been a bit more grounded.  I believe in myself a bit more.  I look forward to the Monday night chats instead of just wanting to go to bed.  I can see a way through when I am feeling rubbish/low which is fantastic.”

(Julie Giles, Founding Member)






  • Monday night group EFT session on Zoom (similar to Skype or FaceTime but for groups) – every Monday night between 8pm and 9pm UK time (you can access this from wherever you are in the world)
  • Access to an experienced Therapist specialising in working with mums  
  • Support in using a large video library, resources and working with you to learn and use EFT    
  • Optional 15 min call each month to help keep you accountable 



  • Thrive Mum Method programme e-book
  • Access to new and growing library of modules supporting your understanding of overwhelm and how to start feeling better fast



  • Learn how to use EFT to enable yourself to re-regulate your nervous system
  • Access to a large library of EFT scripts (currently sitting at over 60 scripts) and additional resources to use – this is located on Teachable (online platform)



  • Meditations
  • Coaching tools/packs
  • Success Roadmap



  • Regular guest interviews from experts such as nutritional therapists, wellbeing coaches, yoga teachers, life coaches, wellbeing practitioners, child psychologist, decluttering specialist and so much more.



  • There are regular challenges set by the group with the intention that it will support you to make changes in your life


“One of the main things I’ve taken from Overcome the Overload is that it’s not selfish or wrong to take time for myself, even if it is just 5 minutes a day. It feels like I’ve given myself permission to think about me too, as well as my kids, and I’m realising I need to somehow find a way to schedule  time to prioritise some self care. I’ve also enjoyed feeling a sense of community within the group and have appreciated other mums’ honesty when expressing their own feelings of overload.”

“I wasn’t sure if EFT would be for me but I absolutely loved it. Reflecting on how I felt a month ago to how I feel now I definitely feel happier and much less anxious. Maybe because I’m now actively doing something to make myself feel better. Thank you Tricia! ”




  • EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping is a therapy where you tap on various parts of your head, face and body whilst saying specific phrases
  • It is growing in evidence base – there are now over a hundred research papers demonstrating the effectiveness of EFT 
  • There are fMRI scans which demonstrate using EFT can actually change the way your brain works
  • It works by stimulating a calm response state through tapping on various acupressure points across your head, face and body
  • The tapping process helps connects the thoughts to the body  
  • When we start to think about those issues, we start to link them with the calm response state rather than the stressed state we so often instinctively go to – i.e. you are changing how you are programmed to respond to that trigger/issue – this is called memory reconsolidating 
  • It can look a bit funny but don’t let that stop you trying something that could literally change your life by spending 5 minutes every day doing 
  • Studies have shown that EFT, particularly in a group session can reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) by 43%, increase antibodies by 113%, reduce anxiety by 40% and improve happiness by 31%


“Genuinely wasn’t expecting anything the first time I tried EFT but was so pleasantly surprised at the difference it made.”
“I’ve used EFT in the past, but never in the way that this group suggested, which has encouraged me to use it when having daily issues.”

“I never knew what EFT was or what the benefits could be. The first week I was sleeping better and also found I was coping with what life throws at you in a totally different way.”

“I have definitely felt the benefits from EFT and I’m keen to keep building on that because I think it will be crucial to my mental health and our whole family will benefit as a result”



“The Monday night sessions have been a great way for me to make sure I’m doing regular tapping. I’m not great at remembering to do it on my own. It’s great to be able to do it face to face (over video) and to be part of a group so you don’t feel like you are the only one having these feelings. That in itself is therapeutic. The thing I always find is that you manage to make me laugh in every session and that is the main feeling I have been taking away on a Monday night.”

“I really like the Monday night set up. I know it’s my time in the week for me, which husband has to accept. I like the group aspect and hearing that we are all feeling/experiencing similar things in our lives and I find it really useful to tap along with you and how we can all use the ‘chat’ function on zoom. I definitely feel the benefit immediately on a Monday night, usually feel tired after (but a different tired to normal!), and I feel the benefit carrying over onto Tuesday/later in the week. I have found that I am learning to be less reactive to certain situations, and able to reflect better. I do think that since doing regular Monday night sessions I feel less stressed, and more connected, which is really important to me. I look forward to the sessions”


“I’ve been much kinder to myself since joining your group, realising that I’m actually doing a good job coping with everything going on and raising a happy toddler. I’m noticing that being kind to myself is often a big part of the message I take away from your Monday night sessions each week. I am really learning to give myself a break and to figure out what I need which in turn allows me to be a much better mum!”



Overcome the Overload is for you if you want

  • Get your time back – people who are calmer and more rationale are able to prioritise and focus more clearly 
  • To stop being hijacked by your emotions
  • Learn tools and resources to feel calmer and happier 
  • Relax with no guilt or feeling that you can’t sit down
  • Release those feelings of anxiety and worry



The monthly membership costs £30 per month (£1 per day!).  You can unsubscribe at any time.  Anyone that joins up in the group will also receive £50 a block of EFT sessions with me on a one to one basis.


OR you can choose a PAY AS YOU GO MODEL.  If you want to try the group tapping sessions on a Monday but don’t want access to everything else this might be an option for you.  It costs £10 per session – details of these will be available each week in the Tapping out of Overwhelm facebook group – THIS IS INCLUDED IN Overcome the Overload membership already.  



If you decide you want to cancel your membership, if you cancel within 7 days, you can get a no quibbles refund.  



To join you will need to enrol on Teachable and from there you can join the facebook group and start working your way through the videos.

Membership is open all year so that mums can access it as soon as they need it.  

I’m super happy if you want to talk about it, then get in touch.  There is never an obligation to book. 

Much love, Tricia xxx