Natal Hypnotherapy

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Guest Post: Gemma Nealon, Positive Birth Scotland What is natal hypnotherapy? Natal Hypnotherapy is a form of hypnobirthing that teaches woman to let go of fear and work with their bodies during labour and birth. It teaches women to trust in their body’s ability to birth instinctively and calmly, to create a more relaxed and positive birth […]

Secrets to enjoying parenthood

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So, what are the secrets to enjoying those first few weeks of being a parent? In fact, not just the first few weeks but months and years….. Look after yourself – that includes looking after yourself in pregnancy, through birth and the postnatal period – ensure you are eating well, taking the opportunities to rest, […]

It’s mine…..

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We’re coming to the end of a massive building project in our home.  I can’t say it’s been the most stress-free period of my life with the door being a turnstile to tradesmen, never knowing how will be here day to day or when they’re going to be here.  And I’m missing the quiet of […]

Newborn - nurtureme

Nothing can prepare you for this

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There is NOTHING that can prepare you for parenting – how many times have we said it, felt it, heard it?  I’m keen to work with expectant parents to make them feel confident and excited about the arrival of their babies.  It’s such an exciting, special and SHORT time.  We spend a lot of time focussing, […]