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Hope is not a strategy

Well certainly not for birth – planning for birth needs preparation – mental, physical, emotional preparation as well building knowledge about the physical act of birth.   Consider a marathon runner – what would she do to prepare for her marathon? Especially if she was keen to do it in a specific time! If you’re …

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12 Self Care Strategies

I’m not sure about you but I find December really challenging – not because I don’t like Christmas – in fact, I think it’s because I LOVE it so much that I am so determined to make it so special for everyone – often at a detriment to me. Before I had kids and before …

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#HiddenFaces and Connection – National Fertility Awareness Week 2016

  The HiddenFaces of infertility as part of National Fertility Awareness Week is such a brilliant campaign. I’ve been following the posts with huge interest and respect for all the women sharing their journey. I still refer to our experience as infertility – I understand the move towards calling it fertility, yet I never could connect …

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