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Nothing can prepare you for this

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There is NOTHING that can prepare you for parenting – how many times have we said it, felt it, heard it?  I’m keen to work with expectant parents to make them feel confident and excited about the arrival of their babies.  It’s such an exciting, special and SHORT time.  We spend a lot of time focussing, […]

Placenta Remedies – Guest Post by Rachael Whigham

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Guest post by Rachael Wigham – Doula and Placenta specialist (covers Edinburgh, East Lothian, Borders, North Northumberland)   ‘’Placentophagia refers to the consumption of the afterbirth by either mothers or – in species with male allomaternal care – males as well. It is almost universal in both carnivorous and herbivorous mammals.’’ The placenta is an […]

Tricia, NurtureMe, showing client how to cup feed expressed milk

Top ups – breastfeeding support

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As most of the work I do is with twins, I often get asked about top ups which are extremely common.  Here’s some information about what top ups are, how they affect breastfeeding and how you can reduce/remove them. What are top ups? Top ups are feeds given to babies where there has been an […]

10 things I love about twins

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Any twin (or triplet) parent will hear – ‘double trouble’, ‘how will/do you cope’, ‘oh I couldn’t do that’, ‘you have your hands full’ and so much more – I’m sure if you’re a twin parent, you will ‘get’ what I mean. Weirdly none of those people ever offered to help me as I was […]

Time to start listening

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I posted an article yesterday on Facebook about postpartum rage.  Something I’m sure the VAST majority of mothers (and fathers) have felt – even if you won’t admit openly about it.  I don’t think it’s a positive emotion to feel nor something that’s ‘OK’ but it’s probably fairly ‘normal’ and I feel it’s a warning sign […]