What I learned in London….

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A weekend was spent with, what I strongly believe to be, the most influential people working in Perinatal Mental Health and I’ve come back feeling inspired, motivated and know that what I’m doing is there to make the biggest of differences to expectant and new parents. Many of us volunteer for grass-root, peer support organisations […]

Naomi Stadlen

How Mothers Love – Naomi Stadlen

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What an absolutely beautiful book from Naomi Stadlen, author of What Mothers Do – one of my very favourite books for new parents.  Naomi’s work is fascinating as it discusses many of the common issues prevalent in today’s current society but doesn’t try to ‘fix’ them.  What she does is normalises many of the typical […]

Time to start listening

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I posted an article yesterday on Facebook about postpartum rage.  Something I’m sure the VAST majority of mothers (and fathers) have felt – even if you won’t admit openly about it.  I don’t think it’s a positive emotion to feel nor something that’s ‘OK’ but it’s probably fairly ‘normal’ and I feel it’s a warning sign […]

Overcoming PND guilt

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Checking out my webstats this week – someone arrived at my page with the search terms ‘Overcoming PND Guilt’.  Interesting – what is it we should guilty about? You see – in my experience of supporting mums via NurtureMe, via support groups I run for twins club and Juno Edinburgh, via the twitter family/FB groups […]

Self care week – how do you self care?

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This is self-care week.  So what does that mean for you? For many they regularly self-care – going to the gym, eating well, sleeping well, maybe an odd treat to the spa, a little massage, etc.  This is probably quite similar to how my life was before I had kids.  Now I struggle to get […]