Previous Clients: Post birth booking

Postnatal Support  – Booked a few weeks after birth

Mum and Dad booked support following their return to the UK from Italy when their son was a few weeks old.  Mum was struggling to regain her physical strength and was needing a few hours a week to work.  Booking was on a flexible nature from the start for a couple of afternoons a week.

Mum without doubt had had a difficult birth and needed space physically and mentally to regain strength. She was supported by getting help looking after the baby (often going for long walks along the canal), help around the house, and chatting to mum about what was going on with the baby and her.  The baby was combination fed a mixture of expressed milk and formula.  The baby was diagnosed with silent reflux and was extremely unsettled due to quite obvious pain.  Overtime and with support, we managed to get a gentle routine going with the baby.  Mum was shown various ways to settle baby using white noise, the buggy, and the sling.  We adapted the buggy so it would be more comfortable and slowly we managed to help baby to settle well with lots of gentle support from us.  I was very sad to say goodbye to what developed into my friends over a 5 month period when they returned to Italy.  I believe having my support there gave mum some rest and space which enabled her to enjoy her baby – particularly as there was no family support in place – I felt like a surrogate aunt or (young) granny.

Mum and Dad said:  Tricia came and helped us a lot from when Nico was about a month old. At the time, Nico was suffering a bit from colic and reflux and the support and advice provided by Tricia, not to mention the extra pair of hands, was invaluable and gave us a welcome chance to breathe from time to time! Nico loves Tricia, and always reserves one of his extra special smiles for her.