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Breastfeeding Support – Twins

Mum phoned me a couple of weeks after having her twins to come to look at her positioning and chat through how feeding was going.

At the consultancy – I went to the family home and chatted to mum about her time from birth to the consultancy asking a number of questions trying to understand what, if any, issues there were.  I gently observed mum feeding.  In this particular situation mum was trying to feed using a breastfeeding cushion for twins – however, given her own specific body shape, the size of the babies and her OWN furniture as it was in her home – we looked at various options without the cushion in place.  In doing that we managed to get better physical attachment when babies were feeding and thereby managed to improve breastfeeding.  Mum is still exclusively breastfeeding at 6 months and I’ve provided regular input at various feeding groups that I’ve run.

Mum said:  Tricia came to help me breastfeed my twins when they were about 3 weeks old. Tricia’s manner is calm and empathetic and she understands not only the physical functions of breastfeeding but also what an emotional journey it can be. Through some minor changes in positioning and attachment, problems were resolved and I’m now managing to exclusively breastfeed my twins very successfully. Tricia has provided ongoing support over the last 7 weeks and I would highly recommend to support any new mum to breastfeed and in those initial few weeks where feeding can feel overwhelming. Having someone come to your home who has time, experience and knowledge of supporting new mums to breastfeed is invaluable.