Previous Clients: Postnatal Support From Birth

Here are examples of Postnatal Support – all exemplify the different types of help required – often the role is about nurturing mum, listening and hands on help with feeding, expressing, newborn baby care and just a spare pair of hands.

Postnatal Support from Birth – Twins

Mum and Dad had limited local family support and booked NurtureMe for the first 4-6 weeks on 2-3 days a week flexibly post the birth of their twins.

Mum had been in hospital for around 10 days following a few days of trying to be induced and ultimately having a c-section.  When mum and babies got home, dad unfortunately came down with flu and mum had had to look after babies on her own since the return home.  The babies had been screaming and unsettled for the majority of the time and mum had literally not slept for days.  I took the babies for a walk and went to the shops to buy food and help try to get life sorted out.  I spent the next few weeks, ensuring mum and dad got a chance to shower or rest when I was there – often by slinging a baby and cooking or tidying or sorting washing, I spent time with mum and dad chatting through baby care, normal infant behaviour and developmental milestones. Mum was combination feeding due to a variety of factors and we worked together to express milk, I demonstrated how the pump worked and how to maximise expressing.  We spent time looking at tandem feeding of both breast and bottle.  Here the main purpose of this role was really taking on a nurturing role for mum who really needed cared for especially in those first few days. By giving her that support, she was able to look after her babies in the way she choose to.

Mum said: Tricia kindly assisted us with our twin babies over the first few weeks after birth and provided an impeccable level of service. Tricia was knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy, supportive and extremely caring at a time when we were going through immense change in our lives and her support was unstinting. Tricia was most thoughtful and considered all aspects of relevant support, from childcare and twins parenting advice to shopping and cooking, for which we were most appreciative, even though we may not have outwardly shown it at the time! We got to know Tricia very well and aim to remain in touch in the future.

Postnatal Support from Birth – Singleton

Mum and Dad had limited local family support and booked NurtureMe for the first 2-4 weeks on a flexible arrangement, post birth of their son.

Mum and baby were discharged from hospital Sunday evening following a long, difficult birth ending in emergency c-section.  Mum was struggling to feed her baby and had given the baby formula in hospital as baby hadn’t latched on well in hospital. Within an hour of arriving, we managed to get baby latched on and feeding. When the midwife arrived, the baby was weighed and had lost 12% of his body weight.  The midwife happily agreed with support, mum could wait an extra 24 hours before being re-admitted to hospital to resolve feeding issues.  With support, we managed to get baby feeding well, expressed milk to stimulate supply and to top up baby via syringe and we gave mum supplements to increase her milk supply quickly.  Within 24 hours baby had put on 80g and within 48 hours baby had put on 200g.  Having this regular support for the first few weeks meant mum could feed, mum could ask about newborn baby behaviour, about ways to settle baby and she could speak to someone about her difficult birth.  Mum got opportunities to sleep and help was provided around the house with laundry and food so that mum could focus on her own physical recovery and enjoy time with her baby.

Mum is still (at 12 weeks) exclusively breastfeeding her baby and is confident, relaxed and well-connected to her baby.

Mum said:  Tricia has been invaluable. She was a calming influence in the home and offered reassurance and advice to both me and my husband in our new roles as parents. I was determined to breastfeed and Tricia helped me to get this established quickly despite having a few problems feeding after I came out of hospital. I really can’t recommend her enough, thanks Tricia!