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I’m an Anxiety and Trauma Coach and advanced EFT Practitioner. I’m also a mum to 4 boys and a dog and live in Edinburgh.  

I work across the UK with women through all stages of motherhood to relieve them of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and trauma so they can live the life they want to and be happy, calm and fulfilled.

Here are the areas that I work with:

  • Mental health and wellbeing including anxiety, trauma, overwhelm, depression/low mood and burn out
  • Birth, perinatal and reproductive trauma – including miscarriage, breastfeeding, postnatal/pregnancy experiences
  • Transition into motherhood and feelings about yourself as a mother and your identity
  • Life transitions
  • Fulfilment and confidence as a mother 
  • Anxiety, tokophobia and fear of childbirth/becoming a mum


One to One Support

This is for you if you’d like help with anxiety, mental health, overwhelm, trauma, identity, transition into motherhood or fear of birth/becoming a mum.

Free Masterclass - How NOT to be anxious: Discover How To Free Yourself From Anxiety in 8 Steps

In this 60 minute masterclass, you’ll go from feeling helpless, stuck and exhausted with anxiety to learning an 8 step proven framework that will help you manage anxious thoughts and feelings quickly and easily each and every day.

SOAR Programme

A proven 8 step, 90 day small group programme for women who are struggling with anxious thoughts and feelings, that will help you feel happier, calmer and live life the way you want to - starts week commencing 20th September 2021.

Trainings and Downloads

I have a number tools, downloads, classes and e-book you can access. Some are free and some are paid.

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." Maya Angelou
"Tricia is one of those truly genuine people who is open about the struggles she has faced and understands the difficulties around raising a young family in the 21st Century. I joined the Mum Pride as I had previously attended a couple of 1:1 EFT sessions with Tricia and experienced the physical shift of the emotions I'd been bottling up. The concept of overwhelm was so familiar to me and I was intrigued by Tricia's passion for EFT and the difference that just 5 minutes a day could make to your life. I have loved being part of the group- from the accountability threads which have encouraged me to make and stick to weekly goals, to the understanding that nobody is perfect and it's not the end of the world if we don't manage to tap for a while. The videos make it easy to get started and the shared understanding and support from the other mums has been lovely too. I would not hesitate in recommending Tricia for anyone looking for non-judgemental support and encouragement around birth & parenthood."
Kirstin Poland