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Anxiety and Trauma Coaching for Women Throughout Motherhood

"I honestly think the investment in me with you was the best money I ever spent… I’d be a wreck otherwise."

I’m an Anxiety and Trauma Coach and advanced EFT Practitioner. I have over 12 years experience of supporting, mentoring and coaching mums as well as being asked to contribute to a number of NHS and Government committees, co-founding a Perinatal Mental Health charity (Juno Perinatal Mental Health Support) and Supervisor and Course Instructor for the College of Perinatal Emotional Health for Traumatic Birth Recovery course. I’m also a mum to 4 boys and a dog and live in Edinburgh and obsessed with Scottish beaches.  

I am passionate about human rights in childbirth, improving mental health for all mums and addressing social conditioning (especially for women/mums/people conditioned as women). I want us to ‘unload’ motherhood and love the time you have with your kids because with the right support it is absolutely possible to mother in a way that supports everyone without being a martyr to motherhood.  

I work across the UK (and further) with women (including people conditioned as women) through all stages of motherhood to relieve you of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and trauma so you can live the life you want to and feel happy, calm and fulfilled.


Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm Support

This is for you if you're feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed by motherhood and life and you'd like to feel calmer, happier and live your life.

SOAR Programme

A proven 8 step, 90 day small group programme for women who are struggling with anxious thoughts and feelings, that will help you feel happier, calmer and live life the way you want to - starts again in 2022.

Birth, Perinatal and Reproductive Trauma Support

This is for you if you're experiencing symptoms of trauma or feel like you can't move on from your experience and you'd like to find relief and move on.

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." Maya Angelou
"Tricia is one of those truly genuine people who is open about the struggles she has faced and understands the difficulties around raising a young family in the 21st Century. Working with Tricia I experienced the physical shift of the emotions I'd been bottling up. The concept of overwhelm was so familiar to me and I was intrigued by Tricia's passion for EFT and the difference that just 5 minutes a day could make to your life. I would not hesitate in recommending Tricia for anyone looking for non-judgemental support and encouragement around birth and parenthood."