Getting home

I’m hopeful that the new babies that I’ll be working with are going home today.  I can’t wait to start working with them tomorrow and providing some help.  I remember when we got home we didn’t tell anyone for a couple of hours so we could just snuggle in with our babies in our OWN home.  We all fell asleep in our bed and woke up to peace and quiet. I was so desperate to get out of the hospital and somewhere where I could just relax.  And of course, once I got home, feeding and just being with my babies was so much simpler.  And having 24 hour help in the shape of my husband.  I’m not saying it was easy when I got home, but it was far better than being in the hospital and just doing things the way I wanted too.  Hoping today the new parents will be finding that too.

I’m looking forward to January when NurtureMe is fully underway to being able to offer a Welcome Home package for those new moments at home and to make life even calmer for any new parents.


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