The days are long but the years are fast

On Friday I had the pleasure to once again go and see the twins that I’m helping with.  It was a much more relaxed day.  We used my Kari-Me sling and managed to get the bg to have a good long sleep in it which was exactly what she and mum both needed.  Mum also got a chance to have a shower and looked 100 times better than she had done on the Thursday.  Being back home takes a bit of adjusting – I don’t think anyone realises how stressful that move back home is from hospital when you are caring for two babies and are used to everything being in one tiny place. I also could feel us creeping round the babies, yet, the babies are so used to lots of noise, firstly the womb is a very noisy place and when they appear, they are probably in the noisiest of all places, in the middle of a hospital ward with trolleys and people and buzzers so it must be quite a shock to the system to suddenly be in silence.

I’m not going back to see the babies until the end of next week as granny is there helping and I know I’ll see a massive difference in them.

I can remember all too well when my twins were just a couple of weeks old and my dad saying to me to try not to wish it away and I remember bursting into tears saying ‘but it’s so hard dad’… and it is – looking after two babies is so hard – meeting the needs of two babies is more than twice the work of looking after one.  However, my dad was so right it does go really fast.

Today was a really special day in our house.  My gorgeous baby turned 3 today.  I have really struggled to come to terms with him being so old and not having a baby, nor a toddler in the house.  I actually miss the sitting down for hours feeding rather than the constant running around and school and playgroup drop offs and pick ups and juggling everything else in between.  When you have a baby, you can sit and feed your baby – that is your job.  Whilst you might spend your entire feed wondering if you’re doing all the right things, is he feeding enough, how long should I let him sleep, how can I get him to sleep better and another one million things –  it is a relatively calm time.  I miss it.  I miss the quietness.

Blink and you’ll miss it – the days are long, but the years are fast, so take a moment to enjoy the long days in the snippets where you get a moment of calm and quiet as soon enough they grow into busy, loud and funny kids.  Yes it’s good fun but all calm is gone.

much love Tricia xxxxx

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