Are you a ‘SuperMum’ or a Super Mum?

This weekend we were playing superheros.  We all took on different roles from Iron Man to Bat Man.  I was named SuperMum by one of my sons! Cheers!  At times, this is really what I feel like – this woman running round, putting out fires and saving our own little world from disasters.

I woke up this morning in a blind panic about a number of things.  Firstly, it’s supposed to snow this week and the big boys don’t have coats that will see them through the winter.  Get online at 5am (from my phone that sits beside me all night), coats I should have bought last week, sold out in their size, immediate panic.  Then I realised their birthday party is only a couple of weeks away, I haven’t paid the hall, never mind sent out invites nor have I even thought about their presents.  Then I had a decision to make about the little ones childcare arrangements for next year – something else to procrastinate over.  I’m also in the midst of finishing up my current paid employment so was going through the list of things I had to do for that.  I also realised that I hadn’t updated a few things on my website (have you seen my latest testimonial!) and other NurtureMe related work.  None of this included getting ready for today’s children’s birthday party (have we made cards, wrapped presents) nor completing homework and also just the everyday things we all have to do.  Result in all this mild panic – SuperMum walks out and StressyMum turns up.  Lots of shouting, bossing about and just generally cross with the world due to all this ball juggling and lack of sleep.

However, StressyMum for once realises what’s going on.  And for once I do take a step back so by the time we go to the party I am slightly more pleasant to be around.  What’s important is that I’m a Super Mum not SuperMum.  I am changing focus this week and letting go.  That is; letting go of some of the behaviours that irritate me including the crying and tantrums, letting go of their effect on me, letting go of the clock watching (especially in the evening) and letting go of all the things around me that I can’t control.  And I will focus this week on the positive things that I can do, such as spend just that 10 minutes a day doing homework, including the boys in everyday chores as I realise how much they enjoy doing that – even just putting the shopping away and grating some cheese, and just being in the moment with them rather than clock watching.

The reality is the other stuff can wait but being around in a relaxed mind frame and being a Super Mum is important to me.  And just like I tell all my mums and dads, enjoy your babies, take the easy roads and short cuts and take offers of help so that you can enjoy that precious time.

NurtureMe offers a wide range of services which provide emotional and physical support to parents, especially in the first year.  Do get in touch, I know all too well what it’s like so whether that’s some postnatal care or some guilt free time off so you can re-charge, NurtureMe can help.

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