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As my final post for National Breastfeeding Awareness Week, I wanted to share what I feel are good links and resources for breastfeeding – specifically aimed at new mums (or supporting partners).  There’s so much help out there now, and fantastic online films and of course, let’s not forget the books.  So here’s sKaraome reading to help you on your journey:


Online resources:

Social Media – Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts to follow

NHS Clinics



If you are struggling, you are not alone – you are amongst the masses of woman who overcome problems and go on to enjoy feeding their baby/babies.  There is so much information readilylara breastfeeding available – access it.

Your midwife in the hospital and again in the community are there to support you to feed your baby.  Once you’re discharged from the midwifery team, ask your health visitor for support and access the the helplines or facebook groups for support.  Sometimes, if you’re really struggling, someone will come to your home.  And if you live in the Edinburgh and Lothians, you can book a breastfeeding session in your home.

I’ve met so many mums who have eventually decided to bottle feed their babies after struggling to breastfeed  – there is no shame in this, ever.  So many of them have cried tears of guilt, worry, concern and more.  If you have made that decision, come to terms with that being your journey as a parent. Breastfeeding your baby, doesn’t make you a better mum – what makes a good mum is someone  who is gentle, caring, compassionate, responsive and nurturing.

Thank you to all those that have sent their pictures in for this blog.

Much love, Tricia xxx


This is the final post in a series of blogs for National Breastfeeding Awareness Week 2014 #nbfw14

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