Summer holidays 2014

I can’t believe the holidays are over!!!  Blink and you miss it.  It’s been a brilliant few weeks filled with sun (in Scotland), beaches, fruit picking, day trips, chillaxing and more.  I have to say at times it’s been full-on crazy trying to keep three energetic boys entertained and come lunch time, I’ve had to hide for some time out for me, but you know it’s been fabulous.

So here I wanted to write the best bits of our summer and remind myself of all the positive moments we’ve had and that I am grateful for.

Holiday to the Isle of Lewis

Beaches, sun, hot tubs, more beaches, IMG_2150standing stones, commonwealth game baton relay, lovely food (including 30 langoustines for £9 from the harbour!!!), swimming in Stornoway pool, kids running naked on the beach, scooting on the private road round the house, going ‘fishing’, chickens and lambs, more sandy beaches, ferry trips, gorgeous house, afternoon siestas.  Absolutely brilliant holiday.  Already want to go back.

The Big WheelIMG_2358

Victor, who’s previously been scared of the big wheel at Christmas time on Princes Street, forcing me and his brothers on the wheel – “awesome mummy” and “I’m not even scared”.


Victor buying his first music CD from some buskers.

Porty Beach

Hours spent on porty beach where the boys were swimming in the ‘deep end’ with their cousin – eek but inwardly proud at their water confidence and how their swimming has really come on.

Learning to cycle bikes

All three boys have been gaining confidence on their bikes.  We have spent hours this summer taking them cycling and finally there’s progress.  Hours of back breaking perseverance is paying off.  Yippee!!!


Going to see Dragon Training 2 – wee faces totally in awe of the film, loving the whole ambience of the cinema and that was “totally awesome” too.

Time spent with our favourite peopleIMG_2470

Including cousins, grandparents and old friends who we never get enough time to spend together.

Fruit picking 

We spent quite a few days getting stung by nettles at Craigie’s farm in a bid to get more raspberries as well as abundant strawberries – jam and ice cream making/eating been great fun (and very educational too!).

First Tram experienceIMG_2354

Very exciting wee trip on the tram – even though there was only space for the boys in the luggage compartment on the way home.

Cuddling in the morning

Love how even now, all three boys still clamber into bed for lots of cuddles – that’s what’s been lovely about the holidays – no rushing around like loons – time to just be.

And you know, whilst there were moments (like when you took a hammer to a jar and smashed to tiny pieces or for some reason you thought it was OK to bite each other), this was definitely my best summer as a mum. I’m so glad I decided to take the majority of the summer off as we’ve had more days out, achieved things I never would have tried before with three boys and had the best holiday yet as a family.  It’s been great to watch you grow and mature and get cheekier and good company all at once.

I’m looking forward this week to having some of me back, not being constantly pulled at IMG_2363by Vincent who still has to grab my boobs every two minutes (“I like your boobies mum” very loudly everywhere we go even though I stopped feeding him at 14ish months and he’s almost 4), being able to focus on a task for more than 3 minutes and having a quiet house here and there.

Needless to say, I know the moment school starts again, I’ll feel like I’ve lost my left and right arms and wish it was the holidays again.  And I’ll have my usual guilt about not being there to pick them up each day as I’m working.  I’m so grateful to have been blessed with so much time and three beautiful boys to enjoy time with and their brilliant dad.

love you all xxxx


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