The Butterfly Baby Clinic – Infant Mental Health and Development

The Butterfly Baby Clinic offers a CPD in Infant Mental Health and Development for professionals working with new babies.  The aim of this course is to:

  • to discover the rich language that newborn babies use to communicate
  • demonstrate how babies can, and should, be active contributors to our understanding of Infant Mental Health and Development
  • discover how the baby’s brain develops from womb to cradle
  • how adversities can affect this dynamic process
  • how secure attachment is fundamental for optimal development

An observation is also demonstrated using the Brazelton method which was fascinating watching babies ability, reflexes, responses to stimulation and how they regulate themselves.

I found this course to be really informative, interesting and was sound in it’s evidence-base. There was a huge focus on the whole of the perinatal period from conception through to the end of the first year with emphasis on the importance of pre-natal period. It’s a practical as well as theoretical course and thereby has really extended my knowledge in all the services I deliver – from supporting mums in the pre-natal period, all through to the end of the first year.

The Butterfly Baby Clinic has a variety of services for parents and professionals – take a look at their website for more details.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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