Coping with a weaning baby on Christmas day – top 10 tips

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1. Relax – this is a day for all of you to enjoy

2. Let them sit at the table with you – have lots of books, toys, games etc – napkins are great for hide and seek

3. Strip them off before they start getting tucked into the food or else ensure you’ve got a change of clothes

4. Experiment – let them touch and play with all the food. Turkey, veg, potatoes etc – all fantastic baby led weaning foods – cut into strips or baton shapes to help

5. Watch out for over-salted items and if possible, keep a small amount of vegetables salt free

6. Have something to hand that you know they will eat – hummus and pittas, pear, bananas, toast, and yoghurt were always a stand by

7. There are always lots of items that aren’t great for a weaning baby – crisps, nuts and similar types of foods – keep an eye that family members don’t start feeding these to your baby as often if you’re doing baby led weaning they can see it as a free for all – it can be hard if it’s busy

8. Don’t expect them to sit for long periods at the table – they’ll be happy to sit on your knees or put a playmat next to the table with some toys they can sit at

9. It’s very common for babies to get overwhelmed – make sure there’s somewhere calm that you can take them to and get some quiet time (and quiet time for you!!!)

10. Take lots of photos!

Have you booked into our December weaning class.

Have a great first Christmas, love Tricia xxxx



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