10 Reasons Why You Need a Postnatal Doula

I’m often asked what is it a postnatal doula is – “What is it you do?” – so here’s some of the top reasons where I believe a postnatal doula can support you.

1. A doula will look after you so you can focus entirely on looking after your baby

2. A doula will support you to breastfeed your baby, often with some training and lots of experience, they can sit you with you through each feed and provide guidance and look at options with positioning and techniques

3. A doula will provide you with reassurance about what is normal baby behaviour – anything from feeding, nappies, sleeping, winding, fussing etc increasing your confidence as a new parent

4. A doula will show you how to care for your newborn and help you to tune into what your newborn is communicating with you by looking at their cues

5. A doula will ensure you have some space for a sleep or bath or a chance to do something for you by looking after your baby

6. A doula will carry out light household jobs such as laundry, cooking, keeping baby areas tidied

7. A doula will give you space to discuss your birth, your life as a new mum and what’s happening with your baby

8. A doula will never judge a decision you’ve made with regards to parenting your baby

9. A doula can lower your risk with postnatal mental health illnesses

10. A doula will love you and make you feel special

There are many more things a doula can do for you.

A postnatal doula will normally work with a family for the first 4-6 weeks, 2-3 days a week for 3-4 hours at a time – every family situation is unique and each family will be treated individually. You are best to contact your chosen doula early on in your pregnancy to ensure they have space as they can often be booked in advance.  Most doulas provide birth support in addition to postnatal support.

For more information – have a look at the postnatal support page and get in touch.

With love, Tricia xxx

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