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10 things I love about twins

Any twin (or triplet) parent will hear – ‘double trouble’, ‘how will/do you cope’, ‘oh I couldn’t do that’, ‘you have your hands full’ and so much more – I’m sure if you’re a twin parent, you will ‘get’ what I mean. Weirdly none of those people ever offered to help me as I was chasing them through supermarkets, managing challenging situations or just needed a friendly smile.

Having twins is such an amazing experience.  Yes, full on at times but so special.  Mine are now 6 and are easy company but here’s what I have felt the best thing about having twins is:

1. MORE than double of everything – the kisses, cuddles, laughs, cute moments

2. Two children going through the same things at the same time

3. Learning that nature is as important as nurture – that means that even though they have been treated almost EXACTLY the same – they both have their own things they’re good at (or not so good at) – especially good lesson around sleep and weaning!

4. Bond – there’s a special bond between twins that’s so beautiful to watch and develop.  There’s also a huge bond between the three of us that will last a life time

5. Dads – without a doubt, Dads of twins have no choice but to muck in – they have to help with nappies, settling, looking after, feeding (even if mum is breastfeeding) and generally be there – we even did skin to skin one to one from the outset!

6. Play – as soon as our twins reached 3, it was like a switch went off and they started playing independently together – trips to the park or soft play got easier as the two would run off togetherlego playing

7. Listening to them – I love listening to our twins chatting together like two old men – they have their own little secrets, adventures and life together

8. Watching them grow – it’s really magical watching them change and grow together

9. Their independent selves – observing their own little personalities, traits, likes and dislikes, friendships and imaginations shining through

10. The way they look out for each other – whether it’s getting each other a special treat, doing favours for each other in the home, learning to work together, negotiating what they’re watching on TV – they work together to get the best the can for each other

I know for us, we feel so blessed in so many ways to have our twins – and even more so to have them AND their little brother who keeps us on our toes!!!

I specialise in supporting families with twins.  If you live locally in and around Edinburgh and the Lothians, I can provide hands on physical and emotional support through my Bump, Birth and Baby (adapted to Babies!) premium support package.

love Tricia xxx

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