Fact or Fiction – Doulas only support home births?

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When asked about what I do as a doula – I often hear ‘aren’t doulas hippies who only do home births?’.

Yes, most of us are pro-natural childbirth (as are the majority of women), but for me, specifically, I believe birth is about choice and making it the best possible experience for you based on your own circumstances.  One type of birth for one person may not be the right birth for someone else.  We are birth companions.  We believe in you, encourage you, provide you with information, support ALL of your choices and decisions – including if you choose a home or hospital birth, a drug free or a medicated birth, a c-section or anything else.  We are there for you to hold your hand through it all – never making a judgement and never telling you what to do.  This is not OUR birth – this is YOURS and we are there to be beside you throughout that journey.

I love this from Sheila Kitzinger about birth companions

“This person must be someone whom you trust absolutely, who understands your priorities, can communicate well and with whom you can relax and are free to reveal yourself.  A tall order!”

This is what doulas are about.

In the postnatal setting we are exactly the same.  We don’t judge your decisions about how you parent.  We provide a calm, re-assuring presence to support all of your decisions including how you want to feed, sleep or raise your child.  We signpost you to the best available services locally.  We are in tune with your family and provide solid care.

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Much love Tricia xxx

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