Secrets to enjoying parenthood

So, what are the secrets to enjoying those first few weeks of being a parent? In fact, not just the first few weeks but months and years…..

  1. Look after yourself – that includes looking after yourself in pregnancy, through birth and the postnatal period – ensure you are eating well, taking the opportunities to rest, relax, look after your physical wellbeing and prepare emotionally
  2. Be careful with what you read – very prescribed parenting books can undermine our own ability to parent instinctively and learn in unison with our babies
  3. Find your tribe – surround yourself by similarly minded women – look for activities and interests you have in common
  4. Nurturing your baby through love, kindness, empathy and gentle approaches to parenting them – it will pay off hugely in the future.  You can never spoil a baby.  Babies respond positively to nurturing touch and love.
  5. Get to understand why babies behave in certain ways. How does your birth affect your baby? Why does your baby breastfeed frequently? Why does your baby wake up often at night? Why is your baby crying?
  6. Work with your baby at learning how to communicate with each other.  Many people don’t realise from the moment your baby arrives in this world they are trying hard to communicate with you – newborn observations will help you.
  7. Spend time with friends or family who have recently had babies – get an understanding of the reality of looking after a baby
  8. Find out as much as you can about how you were raised as a baby – even if some of what you hear might not be to your taste, it will help you to understand some of the basics around what your expectations.
  9. Get support.  Say yes to any offers of help.  Use your money wisely to employ support – you can get personalised antenatal support, birth support and postnatal support including breastfeeding and learning about a new baby – there’s a difference between advice and support.
  10. Believe that you are every day doing the best that you can.

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Much love, Tricia


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