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Shopping list for a weaning baby

At this morning’s weaning class, a mum asked for a shopping list of what would be good to buy each week at the shop.  I’ve already listed the top 10 Finger Foods but here’s what I would ADD to a shop – bearing in mind with baby led weaning you can adapt what you normally eat in your home as discussed in our weaning class.

  • Bananas – each child probably ate about 1/2 a banana most days when we first started to wean – when I say – ate – I mean they played with a lot and nibbled some
  • Fruit – apples, melon, mango, strawberries, kiwi – whatever is in season
  • Hummus – a brilliant, healthy, go-to snack – 1-2 tubs a week
  • Eggs – boiled, scrambled, fried, omelette
  • Vegetables – anything that you can steam or roast easily – carrots, broccoli, french beans, baby corn, mange tout, sweet potatoes, peppers, aubergine, courgettes – etc.  Look and see what’s in season or what you feel like/normally eat so there’s no waste
  • Other vegetables – cucumbers, tomatoes (if cherry – ensure cut into quarters so no choking hazard), peppers
  • Pasta – shapes are easy for them
  • Cream cheese – something you can spread on bread or they can use their hands to eat (and smear everywhere)
  • Bread for toasting/making into sandwiches
  • Breadsticks for dipping into hummus/cream cheese
  • Soup making ingredients – whatever your favourite soup is – lentils/beans are great additions to any soup
  • Frozen (pre-chopped) veg are great cheats for making soups or stews where your time is limited
  • Frozen fruit is a great stand by for adding into yoghurt quickly
  • Greek yoghurt or other natural type of yoghurt
  • Salt free/reduced stock cubes – baby suitable ones are readily available

Of course I wouldn’t be buying these each week and I would look very much at what we were eating.  This is a guide to consider if you’re looking for ideas.  If there’s anything you feel should be included…. let me know…..

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Much love, Tricia xx