Working with a professional photographer


I’m watching the mini Murrays get taller and taller and grasping onto every precious moment of childhood.  When they were younger I spent so much time wishing it away, hoping it would get easier, wanting to get my life back.  I’ve found the older they’ve got, the less I worry about getting my life back and the more I clutch onto them being bThe Murray family -35abies.

I decided last year to invest in some really good quality family photos.  I felt it was really important to capture that time before their big teeth came in and they were still young.  After speaking to many photographers at baby events, I kept being drawn to Rachel Hein (think it’s our passion for red wine) and decided to gently ask if she could fit me in her busy schedule.  Her work is specifically engaging as she uses beautiful landscape and let’s the children explore their space so the images are very natural.  I’m also obsessed by beaches and Scottish beaches in particular which are one of her most used landscapes so was always looking at her photography and thinking that’s what I want in my home.

After being rained off on the first attempt, we managed to get a day that was a bit mixed with sunshine and showers, but you wouldn’t know from looking at the images nor at the fact at one point the boys stripped off and went skinny dipping into the sea.The Murray family -100

Here’s some of the images she took on the day and I’m sure you can understand fully why I choose her.  I now understand the value of getting a trustworthy reputable professional photographer.  I have no hesitation in recommending her and every single day, I admire the work she’s produced for our home.

In Edinburgh we are blessed with so many brilliant photographers and here’s a guide to deciding how to choose a photographer as like being a doula, there is never a one size fits all (and I really dislike any of the big chains – I won’t mention any specific brands but you’re better to support a local photographer):

  1. Follow them on facebook and twitter for a bit to get a feel for what they’re like, if you’d have rapport with them and an idea of the images that they feel are their best work
  2. Think long term – how will the photographs you choose date in 5/10/15/20 years time
  3. Phone them up and get an idea of how passionate they are, what their experience is and find out how pushy they are – if they’re pushy and direct on the phone The Murray family -23to book you in, then walk away as they are likely to not be that busy and have pushy sales (that was one of the things I liked best about Rachel was she never once sold me a photo but I couldn’t stop buying – I wanted them all and in fact I bought them all as well as many physical prints which I gave to family too)
  4. Ask your friends and pop round to have a look at the photos that they’ve produced including how they’ve had them mounted
  5. Go with your gut

I’m delighted that I’m working with Rachel now more closely in Edinburgh Birth and Baby.  If you don’t know about us, pop over to our website and look out for our next events.

You can go to Rachel’s website for more information and you can see her blog on our session here.  I can only say, go and use Rachel – she’s passionate, knowledgeable and very easy to get on with.  She works with maternity, baby, family as well as business photography.

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