The Overload.

I’ve been supporting parents for almost the last 10 years both in a voluntary and private capacity.  What I witness so often with my clients, my peers and am aware of my own issues is the overload.  

Here’s what I believe the overload to be…

  • Plate spinning
  • Balancing act 
  • Juggling priorities 
  • Keeping ‘on top’ of everything
  • Feeling like we have too many tabs open
  • Trying to please too many people but never pleasing ourselves 
  • Struggling to place any priority on our needs

Here’s what I believe some of the reasons are for it…

  • We are not meant to parent on our own – we are meant to live in tribes and communities parenting
  • We are meant to fully co-parent – the idea that women ‘should’ be the main ones responsible for children is not part of nomadic societies
  • Work does not necessarily go hand in hand with parenting yet we need to work to live – we don’t live in tribal nomadic communities  
  • We set expectations of ourselves way above what is achievable – we believe we can be full time mums, have careers, we want to volunteer, be eco warriors, cook like Nigella Lawson, keep a house like Marie Kondo, we want to be out with friends, we are partners, daughters, sisters 
  • We are constantly in the FOMO mindset 
  • Being a mum in the 21st century means we believe we need to craft like Mr Maker, bake like Mary Berry, be a life coach and psychologist to our children, have Bear Grylls adventures, educate our children, take our kids to ALL the classes, limit screen time, never leave our children unsupervised  
  • Gatekeeping – we believe we are the only ones in our families who knows everything and are able to do everything right
  • We feel we can’t ask or justifying seeking help
  • We don’t believe that we are worthy of looking after ourselves
  • We are constantly switched on to technology 24/7
  • We have money pressures
  • We are still working through our own issues
  • We often aren’t well resourced in how well we manage stress and difficult situations and transitions
  • We can’t say no  

This means that we might:

  • Feel burned out
  • Feel overwhelmed 
  • Feel anxious
  • Are stressed out
  • Can’t sleep 
  • Get irritable 
  • Can’t switch off
  • No ability to focus
  • Feel there’s always something to do
  • Always worrying 
  • Feel exhausted
  • Burst into tears
  • Regularly have emotional outburst
  • Easily get angry
  • Have a permanent knot in our stomachs or headache
  • Re-live everything again and again and remain stuck
  • Constantly worrying about the future

Living in such a high state of adrenaline is not healthy for you, nor your family – both in the short and long term.  

I’m keen to develop a community of mums who want to live differently and get out of that adrenaline state using EFT as a primary tool.  EFT is an evidence based stress relief approach supporting you to feel calmer and much more in control.  It’ can also be used to process and eliminate our those thoughts, beliefs and patterns.  The community will also use various other tools and techniques, provide peer support and have numerous guest interviews and guest take overs to facilitate focus weeks on areas such as nutrition, exercise, yoga, alternative health, organisation and so much more.  

If you want to be part of that community and help design it then complete this survey (which so far over 60 mums have now completed!!!) here OR join the wait list here for when it opens for it’s first intake in April.

Much love, Tricia xxx 

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I just feel like….

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What’s taking up all your energy….

What’s taking up all your energy….

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