It’s the everyday actions…

One of the things I know coming up for some of the mums I’m working with is managing the summer holidays and I know it’s something that’s also far too relevant to me.


There’s things I do almost every day to keep me in feeling good.  These are EFT, journaling and meditation.  Most days I will spend at least 10-15 minutes each day journaling, doing EFT based on what’s come up in my journaling and then if I have time I’ll use insight timer to do a guided visualisation/meditation.  These every day self care tools have definitely sadly taken a back seat as I’m busy with all 4 kids, being far from my normal home, being with my husband and family.


At the weekend I had those uncomfortable feelings return – those feelings of anxiety, knots in stomach, feeling that I couldn’t breathe… and the reality is that it’s no surprise as over the summer we are all so out of routine and part of that routine is my own self care.  Whilst I’m upset that those feelings returned, what it also taught me was how important a routine of self care actually is and that all those things I do and sometimes minimise the importance of actually keep me REALLY WELL and happy and full and in love with my life and all that’s in it.  It reminds that me EVERYDAY we need to set aside time to look after ourselves.


The great thing is whilst waking up on Saturday and feeling I couldn’t breathe, was rubbish, it also wasn’t a bad thing as I knew I had the tools and the ability to change everything and take control again of my own health. It reminded me that it’s the every day actions, not the big luxury treats, that keep you well. I’m also really lucky with a super supportive husband who I can talk to and say – I need 10 minutes each day with no interruption so I can do my ‘things’ and there’s no questioning or interrogation.


So what are you doing each day to look after you? How can you fit this in? Where can you fit it in? What help do you need to put into place to be able to achieve this?


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Much love, Tricia xxx

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