PS Thanks for your insta posts on rest, I always need to hear it! ? | Tricia Murray

PS Thanks for your insta posts on rest, I always need to hear it! ?

If you’ve been following me on instagram or social media recently, you will have seen a theme…. that is about prioritising your needs over the ever growing list of jobs to do and REST.

I was already writing a newsletter on the theme of REST when I got this in an email from an old client…

“PS Thanks for your insta posts on rest, I always need to hear it! ?”

I could write on and on… but I want you this month to focus on ALL THE BASICS…..

  • REST
  • Hydration – remembering to drink enough (and go to the toilet as needed – so often I wonder what’s wrong with me and I realise I’ve forgotten to go to the toilet!)
  • Nutrition – not necessarily worrying how much your eating but being mindful to eat the things that make you feel good and don’t make you feel bloated and rubbish
  • Asking for help – this is a big one for me – I am good at asking for help but sometimes even I struggle to admit I need help – the last few months I’ve really struggled with sleep but realised this weekend I need help – I can’t continue on such broken sleep so that’s my focus over the next couple of weeks
  • Getting to bed early
  • Sleep hygiene – no phones or electronics in bed
  • Feeling ok to say no to that extra glass of wine
  • Spending time with people who make you feel good
  • Learning to say no to things that don’t serve you
  • Really assessing that to do list – if the world was to stop tomorrow – what would you keep on that list…

These themes of rest, self care and prioritisation have really been my focus on the FREE Christmas Mini Overcome the Overload – you can still sign up to get access to the videos here.

I’ll leave you with something I said to a client this week ‘you need to prioritise yourself on that to do list”.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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