What can you tomorrow that’s different to today?

On Friday I decided to make a small change. I decided to walk to nursery rather than drive.  It may seem super easy but normally, in my head, my time is so tight that I don’t allow myself the extra 20 mins each way as I think what can do in that child free time.  But this change is part of my own commitment to myself to look after me and rather than thing about the time I viewed the benefits.

We discussed this week in Overcome the Overload creating habits and making changes.  It’s one of my favourite topics.

We can get so stuck in our habits and behaviours.  This time of year we classically set ourselves targets and resolutions about the year ahead. I think I read somewhere that 75% of resolutions are broken within the first month (correct me if I’m wrong).

And so much of that is, surprise surprise, that we set ourselves unrealistic targets and don’t work out how to integrate this into our lives.  There is no plan.

I’d love to say, for example, when I get up I could do some yoga, meditate, journal, some EFT and make myself a fresh healthy smoothie – but the reality of life with my son who still doesn’t sleep, is that if he sleeps in, I sleep in because I need that sleep…. it’s not because I’m lazy or not a morning person, it’s because most nights I’m woken up 2/3 times and I’m understandably tired.

What I have done over the years is build up several habits that help me.  The basics I do most days (almost 7 days a week) – EFT, meditate, journal and rest or nap. This has evolved from when I became ill following PND/anxiety and has carried on evolving.

These haven’t happened overnight – I’ve worked to identify how I can integrate these into my life – where are the slots that I can nurture myself and how can I protect this time.  Whilst it may mean that I seem anti social at times, I try not never see friends or make phone calls at nap times – I use this time for me.  I’m lucky that I can do this.

This year I wanted to start integrating both exercise and sunlight into my daily habits so I’ve been thinking where can I do this and how can I make this happen. Most days I think about the next day and what my plans are and then work out how I can do this.  So far, I’ve made this happen the vast majority of days.

And that’s how change happens. Not setting resolutions or goals – but actually looking to see what can you do differently tomorrow from today. It’s not about wishing for things to be different. It’s about a plan and action.  This is where REAL change happens – it’s those small things that you can integrate into your everyday life.

I’d like you to think today – what can I do tomorrow that’s different to today? Where are the times I can support myself to do something that will nurture me? It doesn’t need to be a big thing. And I’d love to know what these are.

Much love, Tricia xxxxx

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