Did Michelle Obama feel overwhelmed?

I listened to a brilliant podcast last week where Oprah interviewed Michelle Obama.  I’d highly recommend it.  I was literally hanging off their every word.

Have you read Michelle Obama’s book Becoming? It is probably one of my favourite memoirs and I felt so inspired reading it last year.

Here’s a woman who really did it all – a career, mum to two, a wife, a feminist, a leader, a change maker, a friend, a daughter, a sister – literally everything and lived in the glare of the camera.

One of the things I’m always super impressed by with Michelle Obama is her grace and dignity.

Yes her life was busy, it was stressful, it was chaotic and it must have been pretty hard at times.

Did she feel overwhelmed?


Did she let that overwhelm take over?

Probably not.

Life can be stressful. I know that personally and professionally.  But there’s those who can manage and those who struggle.

What’s the difference?

The way we respond to stress and external factors.

Let me ask you…..

  • How able are you to see things differently? Come at life from a different angle?
  • How able are you to leave things be that don’t need you?  Letting go of control?
  • How are your boundaries? Can you say no easily?
  • How easily can you ask for help? What resources can you put in place to really help your life?
  • How good are you at ignoring the dictator that is guilt? At that inner critic that tells you what you should and shouldn’t be doing?
  • How good are you at looking after you? Making time for you?

Would you like to identify more clearly where your life is out of balance and start to understand what steps you can take to change it?

If the answer is yes, then please take 5 minutes to complete this online screening tool https://triciamurray.co.uk/quiz/overwhelm-screening-tool/ and you’ll get your results sent through to your in-box, along with some hints and tips on positive actions you can start to implement right now.

Much love, Tricia xxx


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