Coping with uncertainty

I’m aware right now how much uncertainty there is and how it’s making everyone feel.

One of the best things to do with uncertainty is to work directly with it. I loved this podcast I heard with Mo Gawdat on Elizabeth’s day ‘How to Fail’.  In it he describes how he has a conversation everyday with Becky.  Becky is his brain and the part of him with the negative chatter telling him all the doom and gloom and stories and things he needs to worry about.

Everyday he sets aside 25 mins to talk to Becky and let her tell him what she wants to tell him.  He then has a conversation such as ‘ok you’ve already told me that’, ‘ok that’s not true’, ‘ok I’ll keep a note of that’ and then says…. ‘what’s next’ (she’s only allowed tell him things once).

It’s such a helpful approach and positive approach.

We can spend all our time exhausting ourselves by either suppressing everything we feel or ignoring it.  Or we can spend all  of our time listening to that internal chatter and going through all the worst case scenarios.  Neither approach is helpful although both protective ways we support ourselves.

But what about if we just had a conversation with it? Accepted it. Listened to it. Thanked it for looking after us? For trying to help us?

Right now we are all struggling with uncertainty.  A really useful way to approach this uncertainty is to work WITH the voice and not against it.  Here’s some ideas when chatting with your Becky around uncertainty….

  • I hear you’re worried about how long this is going to go on for, but what is certain is that this will end and we will get back to normal
  • I hear you’re worried about how I’m going to cope, but what is certain, every day I’ve struggled in the past I’ve got through and I can get through this
  • I hear you’re worried about not seeing your parents and you are missing them, that is completely valid, but it’s great that your parents are SAFE at home and we are SAFE at home

So rather than dismissing it – validate everything your brain is telling you but then tell it what is certain.

I often get asked how to integrate EFT into you life. And my advice has always been similar to Mo Gawdat’s approach. Spend 5 mins tuning in to what’s going on with you and use the above dialogue.

“Even though I’m really worried about how long this is going to go on for, I accept myself and right now I’m ok and this will end”. If you’re new to EFT you can learn it easily on my free e-course Tapping into Calm.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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