10 Ways mum guilt impacts you…. And what to do about it….

I’ve yet to meet a mum who doesn’t feel guilty about something or other. Guilt is a normal part of the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood.

The impact of mum guilt is massive and is one of the reasons we feel so overwhelmed.

Here’s 10 ways that mum guilt can impact you:

  1. Stops you fulfilling your potential as a human – limits what opportunities you take whether work or life
  2. Makes you feel selfish for looking after you
  3. Turns into a broken record and inner voice reminding how much better you should be doing
  4. Doesn’t let you see all the ways that you’re a brilliant mum and human
  5. Your needs become non-important
  6. Focuses in on all the bad but not on all the good
  7. Robs you of time and energy as expend so much energy trying to be better
  8. Adds to the feeling of being overwhelmed, frazzled and burned out
  9. Affects your sleep and nervous system
  10. Stops you from being a good mum as you feel so unfulfilled and stressed out your energy levels are non-existent 

And here’s what to do about it….

Reframe that guilt – guilt is a barometer of how much love you have for your kids and how much you care…. That in itself means YOU ARE A FANTASTIC MUM because all our children need to know is how much we care and love them… You can read my 7 step strategy here.

When you have your needs met and you feel fulfilled, you can be an amazing mum and will end up with more energy, time, patience and everything else that you need.  You can read more about that here.

Let’s stop mum guilt getting in the way of making us brilliant mothers.

If you want to feel calmer, saner, happier…. you can read my e-book, Thrive Mum Method, here.

Much love, Tricia xxx 

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