What can hold us back from looking after ourselves? (part 2 of 3 mini series about self worth)

Last week I covered what self worth is and why it’s important.  This week, I want to cover what stops us looking after ourselves and our needs.

It’s all to easy to say… yes ok I understand I need to look after myself so I’m a better mum….but then we get in the way of that and it comes down to how little we value ourselves.

We can often put higher importance on:

  • Work
  • The washing pile
  • The stack of dirty dishes
  • Other people’s needs/causes
  • Social media updates
  • Jobs round the house

I often work with mums with endless to do lists and when I ask them where they are on their to do lists you can see the penny start to drop.

But why are we like that?

It’s often down to early conditioning and programming.  

It could be that we:

  • Have seen our parents striving and working and never putting their needs first or the opposite and it’s causes feelings of unease.
  • Like everything to be perfect – and the perfect house/family/life is of higher importance than our needs.
  • Need to be in control of everything and how things are done so we just don’t have time.
  • Believe that rest or time to meet our needs is selfish or lazy.
  • Have been told at some point that our needs aren’t important.
  • Feel asking for help is a sign of weakness.

If you can hear yourself saying any of these…. ‘there’s so much to do’, ‘I have no time’, ‘I feel guilty about asking for help’, ‘I can’t justify childcare support or a cleaner’, it is likely that you have low self worth and deep beliefs.

If it’s your time to shift these patterns and beliefs so you can regain time and energy, enrolment is now open for the Thrive Mum Method – we start on the 16th August, max 8 places.

Much love, Tricia xxx 

PS next week I’ll be covering some ways to start building up your self worth 

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