The truth is – we’re all struggling with the same stuff

Last week I asked for feedback from my community group, Overcome the Overload, as I regularly do to ensure that I’m meeting the needs of the group. 

I got asked recently by a client – what’s the difference between group and individual coaching – what would suit her best – which is better.

And the honest truth is BOTH are helpful and both are different.

With individual support you’re likely to see big results quite quickly, you get undivided attention and the investment is bigger. 

The power of groups, however, is something that never ceases to amaze me and women supporting each other.  It can sometimes make it easier to open up, it lifts the shame of how we’re feeling, even if you don’t voice it, and it’s much more accessible.  

Brene Brown (I’m a huge fan), talks a lot about the power of vulnerability.  When we share how we feel, it takes the shame out of the situation which provides relief.  Shame is one of the most powerful emotions and is behind so much of anxiety and overwhelm and those situations we can’t let go of.  It’s hard to admit that we’re hating certain aspects of motherhood, that we sometimes talk ourselves out of going to social situations because our anxiety overwhelms us, shame that we care what others think about us or that we’re not nailing motherhood (and so much more).

I’ve run groups for years, including Juno Perinatal Mental Health Support which I co-founded, and have seen the power of peer support in transforming how we feel about ourselves.  I loved witnessing women sharing their own experiences of mental health and the shame and internal judgment got that little bit lighter.

I thought I’d share some of the aspects of being part of a group they liked because I think it illustrates very clearly how group support can be so powerful and the value of understanding that we’re all struggling. There are a lot – I didn’t want to miss any of these out!:

  • I love the community feeling, even if I’m not involved in the sessions each week I still feel part of the group 
  • I’m not alone! that I need an hour weekly to myself and it’s important. that I can choose to see & do things differently. 
  • Realising that all feelings are valid and that it is a necessity to prioritise self-care. And that it helps to be part of a community and feel that others experience similar struggles.
  • Knowing I’m not alone when I feel so alone.
  • That I’m not unique in feeling overwhelmed.
  • Knowing that all the other woman in the group experience similar emotions to me and how we can all support each other.   
  • It’s so valuable being part of a community with other lovely mums, who totally understand how you are feeling, where you feel included and not judged. 
  • I like the feeling of us all being in it together. Life can feel lonely at times and I think it’s so nice to connect with the other mums in the sessions
  • Like the peer support & listening to Tricia, so calming & reassuring. There isn’t anything I don’t like. I love Monday nights!
  • like the feeling of community.  
  • Hearing people feeling similar way, it’s a safe space, no judgement, it sets me up for the week ahead, we can contribute to topics
  • I like how open and honest everyone is. It feels like a safe place. 
  • I like the wide range of topics and that it’s a really safe environment to discuss things that you may not even feel comfortable discussing with other friends/family . There is no judgment either. Such an amazing and lovely group.
  • Openess and ability to share and hearing other people’s experiences so knowing I’m not alone
  • I find it particularly comforting that it is the same women attending the session on a weekly basis. As someone who took a long time to actually pluck up the courage to attend my first session after signing up for the group, this has been important to me. 
  • Peer support, good to know you’re not always alone in the way you’re feeling
  • Everyone is so friendly & as mums, we’re all struggling with the same stuff!
  • An insightful group which offers many opportunities for mums to help make managing life easier
  • A lovely, supportive community. The monday night tapping is so helpful that it would be worth the membership fee alone! So with the ebook, teachable modules and facebook group it is fantastic value. 
  • We talk about what a lot of people don’t talk about honestly  in day to day parenting!
  • The group is a great way to connect with like-minded mums who also want to find ways to feel less overwhelmed. 
  • That it’s a really good value for money group support. That you feel part of a community with other mums who totally get the difficulties you are experiencing in relation to feeling overwhelmed. 
  • It’s a safe space, helps you feel like you are doing something to help yourself

Overcome the Overload is specifically for mums who make a CONSCIOUS decision to stop the mental load of motherhood impact them and start to regain themselves, time, life, and feel fulfilled again.

It costs £30 a month and is currently open for new members. It includes a huge number of resources from EFT scripts, meditation, coaching tools, guest interviews, and new modules are currently being uploaded.

It’s a very small commitment in time and money to make big changes and feel better.  

If you’d like to find out more, click here or email me.  I’m always happy to have a quick chat to ensure it’s the right support for your needs.

Much love, Tricia xxx 

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