3 Reasons You Self Sabotage

How often do you say ‘f*ck it’ and even though you know there’s something you should be doing to help you – you do the complete opposite?

This week in the membership, we covered self sabotage as a topic.  

Here’s some of the ways that the group self sabotages that we discussed over the two group EFT sessions:

  • Staying up too late 
  • Drinking those extra glasses of wine that you know you don’t need
  • Buying wine and crisps when you’re trying to look after yourself 
  • Not getting to the yoga/exercise class
  • Eating all the snacks and chocolate
  • Ordering a take away rather than making the food 
  • Phone scrolling 

When you constantly self sabotage it means you don’t meet your goals or needs and that makes you:

  • Tired and exhausted and frazzled
  • Shouty and grumpy
  • Feel depleted, low in energy and just meh
  • Imprisoned by that inner critic – why did you do that?  
  • Skint

Why might you be self sabotaging?

This is what came up in the group tapping sessions: 

  • Safety – fear of change or life being better, self sabotaging gives us a good excuse to stay as we are because that is safe – we know it and understand it  
  • Rebellion – that part of us that acts like a naughty teenager 
  • Release – a release from the same old daily grind

What’s been lovely this week is hearing how the sessions have enabled the members to create change:

  • Getting to the yoga class
  • Going to bed early
  • Not drinking that extra wine
  • Making time for nurturing activities
  • Meal planning 

Here’s some ways you can help yourself

  • Identify what your gain is – why are you doing this? Release/rebellion/safety/other?
  • Does it help you meet your long terms goals?
  • At the decision point, stop and count to 5 and make a rational decision (thanks to one of our members for this one)
  • Forgive and accept yourself for being human

It is boring….

Looking after you at times is boring.  Without a doubt.  

But you have a choice.

Stay feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, burned out and shouting at the kids, your partner and feeling like you’re out of control.

Or moving out of the stress cycle for the long term benefits for you and your family.

Which are you deciding?

Much love, Tricia xxx 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and burned out as a mum… take this screening tool to help you identify exactly how overwhelm is impacting your wellbeing. You will be sent some strategies to support you as well as details of my next Breaking Out Of Overwhelm masterclass.

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I’m struggling/I’m drowning/I’m shouting too quickly/I’ve got a constant knot in my stomach/I’m anxious/I’m not being very nice to my partner/I could be doing it better/I’m not coping/I’m finding work or family difficult/I’m having intrusive thoughts/I’m unable to sleep/I’m ruled by my to do list/I’m burned out or exhausted….. it goes on….

These are the symptoms of ‘overwhelm’ and the day to day impact of your reaction to your current situation.

What’s taking up all your energy….

What’s taking up all your energy….

This is the work I love to do as it provides you freedom from burn out and anxiety. Life feels much more aligned. You can much better perspective. You can think rationally and clearly. Life is happier, calmer and easier. And within all of that, it returns your energy as you are not so constantly exhausted.