Where’s the evidence….

3744….that’s the number of hot dinners roughly I’ve made in the last 12 years since I became a mum (6 dinners a week as they USED to go to my parents/inlaws once a week * 12 years).

I haven’t counted all the bowls of porridge I’ve made, bowls of cheerios, cheese or peanut butter sandwiches, fruit I’ve cut for snacks etc.

When I take this into account, I reckon I’m WELL OVER 10,000 ‘meal/snack preps’…. 

Fairly impressive.

I’m sure you’ve got fairly impressive tallies too but I also know you’ll be giving yourself a really hard time as that’s your default.

Right now, things are so tough.  I don’t know one person right now who is ‘nailing it’.

Whether that’s my clients, friends, family, colleagues, people I come across on social media… NO ONE is nailing it.

And that means maybe now, more than normal you are:

  • Shouting
  • Losing the plot 
  • Not able to rationalise 
  • At the mercy of your inner critic 
  • Scrolling social media 
  • Opening the wine or in the chocolate cupboard
  • Feeling anxious and unsettled
  • Obsessing with your to do list 

And I want you to know, that NONE of these things make you ‘bad parent’.

In fact, I bet you’re lying awake a night going over all the evidence about how shit a parent you are because you lost your temper with kids today or they watched too much TV or you couldn’t face taking them to the park. 

When you notice this, I’d like you to do the following….


Here’s something I did with some clients this week and I loved watching their faces change…

Calculate how many:

  • Meals you’ve fed your kids
  • Loads of washing you’ve done
  • Cuddles you’ve given them
  • Times you’ve tucked them in at night
  • Moments you’ve told them you love them
  • School or nursery bags you’ve prepared
  • Visits to the local beach/park/pool
  • Nights you’ve lain awake wondering if they’re well or have a temperature
  • Films you’ve watched again and again and again
  • Craft projects you’ve done
  • Cakes you’ve made
  • Dinners you’ve swept up and thrown in the bin
  • Sheets you’ve changed 
  • Sleepless night you’ve had 

You can make it into a film or a photo book if you want.  Every time that little voice appears to tell you how you’re not nailing it, just give it this visual of all the way you are.

And I bet when you do, you’ll notice somewhere in your body, find a relief that you’re ok. That you’re a brilliant mum.

I’d love to know how find this exercise. Drop me a message and let me know.

Much love, Tricia xxx

If you’re fed up feeling the way you do and ready learn how to keep your sh*t together, to feel calmer, happier and energised, then join FREE Breaking Out Of Overwhelm masterclass on the 3rd December.  More details of this are below.

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  • Frazzled, burned out, emotionally exhausted 
  • Like you’re losing your sh*t over nothing
  • That you go from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds flat and then your own toddler/teenage tantrum erupts 
  • Constantly attached to your phone
  • Fed up with the constant juggling and having no time for you
  • Anxious and worried at times 
  • Your sleep could be better
  • Stuck and helpless and don’t know how to get out of this cycle

Here’s what we’re covering:

  • Why is it that you feel the way you feel?
  • What’s at the root of burn out/exhaustion/feeling frazzled?
  • What’s causing your own teenage/toddler tantrums?
  • Why is it your so addicted to your phone/social media/scrolling/amazon prime/chocolate/reliant on wine etc
  • Why might you feel so anxious all the time?
  • How can you overcome overwhelm?
  • What might be stopping you?

By joining this masterclass you will:

  • Say goodbye to your inner critic and feeling like a failure because you will realise how much you actually are doing and be thereby more compassionate to yourself  
  • Welcome boundaries and set realistic expectations of yourself because you will understand the ridiculous pressure you are putting yourself under 
  • Feel much more able to ask for help, not take on so much, take the pressure off because you’ll have a much better understanding of why that’s important 
  • Create more time, focus and drive to make changes (because you are not going to continue this way)
  • Gain knowledge about how to start prioritising yourself and why that matters (yes looking after yourself is the least selfish thing you can do)

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