I just feel like….

A lot of my clients come to me often with the description….I just feel like….

I’m struggling/I’m drowning/I’m shouting too quickly/I’ve got a constant knot in my stomach/I’m anxious/I’m not being very nice to my partner/I could be doing it better/I’m not coping/I’m finding work or family difficult/I’m having intrusive thoughts/I’m unable to sleep/I’m ruled by my to do list/I’m exhausted or burned out….. it goes on….

These are the symptoms of ‘overwhelm’ and the day to day impact of your reaction to your current situation.

But the work you and I do together is much deeper than working on these symptoms.  

Together we look to identify what’s causing this feeling. 

Often that work is deep. It could be when you were:

  • A child and your parents didn’t respond to you as you needed
  • Bullied and now you can’t handle saying no in case someone doesn’t like you
  • At school and the teacher made you feel stupid about something
  • In a difficult relationship and this has made you react to certain situations in this way
  • At uni, you couldn’t finish the course you were on, found being on your own hard or the intense stress from it
  • Harassed at work

Or it could be linked to small t or big T trauma throughout anytime in your life – childhood, teenage years, adulthood or birth/perinatal.  

Sometimes you will be super clear what this is and other times you will need help and sometimes you might never know and that’s ok.  

All of these experiences mean you will:

  • Struggle to react to stress rationally 
  • Find it hard to feel safe
  • Become easily overwhelmed as you’re constantly hyper vigilant and can’t switch off 
  • Feel anxious or numb
  • Have a lot of thoughts ruminating in your head or feel like you have brain fog 
  • Need to be in control
  • Be a people pleaser
  • Struggle with boundaries
  • Not be able to ask for help easily
  • Put yourself at the bottom of the pile
  • Have low self esteem

And that’s the deep work that I do with my clients to help them overcome all of this.  In doing so it means you can react rationally, you have headspace, you can react calmly to intense stress, you prioritise yourself, you can relax and prioritise things.  

It’s the deep work that helps us to understand what’s really going on.  

I’m running my group coaching programme from January 3rd.  8 weeks with 8 incredible women who are working on all this deep work together.  It’s going to be transformational.  

Are you in?

Details are here.  There’s 8 spaces.

If you’ve got any questions then drop me a message.

Much love, Tricia xxx 

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