This is going to be controversial… but here’s my view

Much of what I see in relations to anxiety is about anxiety suppression.  That might be medication*, breathing, meditation, mindfulness, thinking positive thoughts etc.  

And the result is – anxiety still comes and dominates your life and everything you do.  

Here’s what I believe.  I don’t believe that anxiety is a bad thing.  I know this is going to be controversial.

I believe anxiety is here to protect you and look after you.

The issue is that you believe anxiety is a bad thing because of how it’s impacted your life.  

You don’t like the way that anxiety makes you feel.

You can’t identify why it’s there.

You don’t always know why it’s triggered in situations.

You don’t know how to soothe it.

When you don’t have a good relationship with anxiety…. it gets bigger, louder, more dominating until it:

  • Keeps you awake at night, forecasting worst case scenarios or replaying events and conversations again and again.
  • Makes you so busy planning meals, activities and trying to make sure everything runs smoothly, you don’t feel you have time to sit, be present and just play with your kids.
  • Panics about being in control and when things don’t go plan you feel panicky and close to losing it. 
  • Takes over all your thinking space – you can’t stop thinking – you have a non-stop inner voice which over-plans, criticises, imagines the worst and plays out your fear of letting people down.
  • Leads to burn out where you can’t get out of bed in the morning or move your body as you’re so physically exhausted from all the battles and conflicts in your head.

And you’re scared, deep down, that your behaviour is going to have a negative impact on your kids.

I believe you need to do these 4 steps to free yourself from the impact of anxiety.

  • Find out what the role of anxiety so that you can use it to your advantage rather than let it dominate you
  • Identify how anxiety impacts you so that you can identify what to focus on and what needs changed so you can gain the biggest improvements  
  • Discover your triggers (ie your threat register) so that you can recognise what’s going on rationally rather than letting anxiety get carried away meaning triggers don’t impact you 
  • Learn how to ‘soothe’ and regulate your anxiety gremlin so it stops nagging at you constantly and allows you to focus on what’s important to you such as your kids/you/relationships/work rather than everything   

If you’d like to free yourself from the impact of anxiety so you can regain you life, time, energy and headspace, hit reply and find out details of my new group coaching programme – Finding freedom from the impact of anxiety.  This is a step by step 3 month programme for mums who want to regain their lives, time, energy and headspace. It is limited to 6 mums.  

Much love, Tricia xxx 

* I am pro-medication for those people who need it – those pills saves lives!

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