12 Lessons in 12 Months

12 months ago, I was a different person to who I am now. I know you’ll feel the same.

Lockdown has pushed me and every single other person I know.

Yet it’s also taught me so much.  

Here’s what I want you to take a moment to recognise:

  1. You can cope with just about anything – YES! 
  1. The importance of friends and families and physical hugs – you will never take them granted ever again 
  1. How adaptable you are which demonstrates how much you can adapt to any other situation you’re face with in the future 
  1. How you can learn ANYTHING on zoom or teams…. wherever it is in the world (my latest learning was cold shower therapy in a virtual tepee!)
  1. You can live with uncertainty and having no control over elements of your life and you can manage 
  1. The value of silence and time on your own 
  1. It’s ok to only washing your hair once a week
  1. When faced with extreme stress, that food is a survival strategy to keep us alive (this is actually true – when mammals get stressed they eat just in case the food chain goes…)
  1. Your kids haven’t died from too much screen time
  1. Who you surround yourself with is vital  
  1. A winter with no tights is amazing 
  1. That you’re an AWESOME mum and human being for getting through the last 12 months 

It has not been an easy ride.

Here’s what I do know, when this is over, you will look back on this time and be proud that you got through it.  

It will be a story to tell your grandchildren of that bonkers year where we didn’t leave the house and you couldn’t legally hug your pals!

I’d love to know what your biggest lesson has been this year? Hit reply and let me know.  

Sending love to everyone, 

Tricia xxx

PS I’m currently fully booked until the second week in April (I’ve been fully booked most of this year so far!).  I have spaces for two new 1:1 clients.  That’s 3 months of us working together, meeting 3 times a month, access to my membership (currently closed) and WhatsApp support Monday-Friday. If you’ve been thinking about getting one to one support, then contact me and I’ll send you details and we can both check if we think it would be a good fit.


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