The vet was literally terrified of him

In 1999, we got our first baby – a cat by the name of Talisker (named due to his whisky colour).  He was a big gorgeous boy.


When he was around 9/10 months old, he swallowed plastic string.  I remember we came back from uni to find him with this string hanging out his bum.


It ended as an emergency trip to the vet.  He was cut from top to bottom – literally.


My poor cat was never the same again.


He became anxious, stressed very quickly and highly re-active around men specifically.  


The vet was literally terrified of him, and he was very used to dealing with re-active cats.


Each visit demanded huge quantities of tranquillisers.


At home, when it was just us, he was placid, calm, a lap cat.


Most nights he slept on my chest or head.


I remember him with the twins, and he was so gentle with them, even when they pulled his fur or tail.


I often think about Talisker when I’m working with my clients.  


My clients will often talk about this anxiety and rage that overwhelms them.


Almost like a wild animal in them that they have no control over.  


It’s not a conscious decision to let this wild animal within them unleash.


It comes from something in their situation feeling threatening.  


This feeling that takes over until you have no control.  


What I know is this behaviour, is not a choice. 


It’s often a difficult experience still impacting you.  


But a bit like my cat… it isn’t always obvious.  Sometimes it only comes out when something feel uncomfortable or threatening, not when everything feels calm and safe.


You may have your own experiences that you hold in your bodies.

Some of these you may be aware of.

The less obvious trauma or intense experiences can be harder to verbalise or understand how that situation can impact you.

This is the work I do with my clients is support them to find and release the difficult past experiences that are still impacting them now.  

Often when you’ve had that big release in the body, it cascades to the present.

And that means less wild animals being triggered from within you.

If this is something that you’d like help with, then get in touch.


Much love, Tricia xxxx 

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